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Badges are items that grant your survivors attack and defense bonuses when equipped to your survivors. They can be only acquired by using Components in the Craftsman building. You can craft Badges using Badge Fragments and Components which can be acquired as quest rewards or with post-quest crates.

Badges are unlocked by upgrading your Council to level 15, and having built the Craftsman and Scavenger.

Making Badges[]

To craft Badges, you need to use a Badge Fragment, and 4 materials. There are recipes for each type of badge you can create, but the chance of creating the same depends on the material you use (the higher the rarity, the greater the chances).

There are 5 badge Types:

Badge Recipes

To craft a badge, you need to enter a recipe in the Crafting Tab.

Badge Information[]

Badges can have an effect between Damage, Critical Damage, Health, Damage Reduction and Critical Chance.

Badges have a rarity, which can define the percentage of their effect. This rarity is symbolized by the color of the Badge. It goes to Common (gray) to legendary (yellow).

Badge Positions
Badges will always take a position (from 1 to 6). Survivors can have up to 6 badges, all of them in different positions.

Badge Sets

Badge sets provide bonuses when 4 or more badges of the same set are equipped on your survivor. A complete set boosts the stats of your Badges by 20%.

You can see the set of a badge by looking at the shape of the ring around the Effect icon of the Badge. There are 5 different sets.

This 20% bonus affects the percentage of the badge, not the total. Ex: Badges have a 50% effect. If the set bonus is active, the badges will deal 50% × (1 + 20%) = 50 × 1.2 = 60% instead.

Some badges have conditional bonus effects that can be activated if you meet the described requirement:

The conditions include:

  • A survivor has a specific trait. Example: +5% if this Survivor has the Defensive Stance trait.
  • Your survivor joins a mission team with another survivor of a certain class. Example: +5% when this Survivor is on Missions with a Scout.
  • Your survivor joins a mission team with a specific Hero. Example: +10% when this Survivor is on Missions with Maggie.

Note: The second and third conditions above look at the using different combinations of survivors. Since Carol cannot “go on a mission with Carol”, you will want to equip badges that refer to Heroes on survivors who are not the specified Hero.

Some Badges do not have a bonus condition. However, they tend to have a slightly stronger effect.

Badge Values and Displays Errors[]

Table Badge Minimum Maximum values

Visual Bug: Badge Values when under the effect of the set bonus[]

Badge Set Calculation Example

According to this set and disregarding the conditional bonuses, these badges are offering 27%+27%+27% = 81% health (These values are already considering the Set bonus). But this value is incorrect.

This incorrect value is due to the rounding that the game makes in relation to the value of the badge under the effect of the set bonus, but this rounding does not occur in the original calculation. Originally, these values are actually 3 health badges with 23% effect.

In this example, still disregarding conditional bonuses, the correct calculation would be (23% + 23% + 23%) × (1 + 20%) = 69% × 1.2 = 82.8%. So, the bonuses are actually offering 82.8% health instead of the 81% that they are suggesting.

If the conditional bonuses are active, then the calculation would be (23% + 6% + 23% + 6% + 23% + 6) × (1 + 20%) = 87% × 1.2 = 104.4% health.

Scrapping Badges[]

There is a fixed amount of badges that can be held, which is based on the amount of survivors. If the badge inventory is full, you need to first scrap some old badges. This can be done in the Craftsman building by clicking on the Badges tab and toggling the trash can icon. Scrapping a badge gives a small amount of XP.

If you scrap a survivor with badges equipped, the badges will not be scrapped but will simply become unequipped and remain in your inventory.

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