The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Buildings are a resource in your Camp that makes the game run. There are several buildings, and we are going to show information from each one of them.



The Council is responsible for unlocking new buildings and upgrades, as well as controlling maximum XP storage and the cost of crafting and recycling badges.

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The Craftsman is responsible for crafting badges, one of the main ways to get stronger in the game. Upgrading the Craftsman level will increase the minimum and maximum limit of possible values when creating a badge.

The Craftsman is unlocked at Council level 15.

Table Building Craftsman

Farm Plot[]

Farm Plot

Farm Plot generates supplies, and can store them up to a certain limit before being collected. When upgrading the Farm Plot, the number of supplies produced per hour and the storage limit are increased.

A new Farm's Plot is unlocked at Council level 1, 2, 5, 8, 12 and 17.

Table Building Farm Plot



The Hospital is responsible for healing survivors after missions. By upgrading the Hospital, the healing time is reduced, and in some upgrades, more slots are unlocked to heal more survivors at once. Upon selecting the Hospital, you are taken to the Hospital Healing screen, where you are shown all injured survivors and the time remaining for them to be healed.

You unlock the Hospital with Council level 1.

Time to Gold convertion
Table Building Hospital

Mission Car[]

Mission Car

The Mission Car sets the maximum Storage of Gas it can regenerate (Note: you can exceed this storage limit, but the Gas will not regenerate). When upgrading the Mission Car, the maximum Gas Storage will also increase.

The Mission Car is unlocked at Council level 1.

Table Building Mission Car



The Outpost passively generates Trade Goods and can store up to a certain limit. This building is indirectly linked with the Outpost mission. By upgrading this building, the number of Trade Goods produced per hour and the building's maximum storage are also increased. In addition, new maps are unlocked for you to customize your Outpost.

The Outpost is unlocked with Council level 4.

Table Building Outpost

Radio Tent[]

Radio Tent

The Radio Tent is responsible for setting the minimum and maximum level of survivors summoned when making a radio call. By upgrading the Radio Tent, these limits increase, providing higher level survivors. Upon selecting the Radio Tent, you are taken to the Radio Call screen.

The Radio Tent is unlocked with Council level 3.

Table Building Radio Tent



The Scavenger is initially responsible for making you find badges in crates after finishing a mission. By upgrading the Scavenger, you gain higher rarity materials in certain aspects of the game and stop receiving 1-star components in the same areas. The Scavenger is unlocked at Council level 15.

Table Building Scavenger

Supplies Storage[]

Supplies Storage

The Supplies Storage is responsible for increasing the supply storage limit. By upgrading it, the maximum supply storage will increase.

A new Supplies Storage will become available with Council Levels 2, 4, 10, and 16.

Table Building Supplies Storage



Tents passively generate Experience Points, which can be stored up to a certain limit before being collected. When upgrading Tents, the number of XP produced per hour and the storage limit are increased.

With Council level 2, you unlock 2 Tents, but one more Tent is unlocked at Council 22 and Council 28.

Table Building Tent

Training Grounds[]

Training Grounds

This building is responsible for increasing the level of your survivors. By upgrading the Training Grounds, the maximum level your survivors can reach increases. Selecting the Training Grounds takes you to the Survivor Selection screen. Upgrading a character costs time and Experience Points, but there are events that can reduce one of these factors.

The Training Grounds is unlocked at Council level 2.

Survivor Training Costs
Table Building Training Grounds

Walker Pit[]

Walker Pit

The Walker Pit is responsible for listing the number of walkers that will spawn at your Outpost. It is the only building located outside your camp. Upgrading the Walker Pit increases the maximum level and maximum number of captured walkers to use in the Outpost. Upon selecting the Outpost, you are taken to the Walker Pit Screen, where you can level up the number and level of your walkers using Trade Goods.

The Walker Pit is unlocked at Council Level 4.

Table Building Walker Pit



The Workshop is responsible for improving your weapons and armors. By upgrading the Workshop, the maximum level of your equipment increases. Upon selecting the Workshop, you are taken to the Equipment selection screen. Upgrading Equipment costs time and XP.

The Workshop is unlocked with Council level 3.

Table Building Workshop