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The Challenge is a game mode that renews itself weekly, bringing new maps and rewards.

Click here for the Challenge Mapset Overview, where you can find links to the detailed pages for every challenge.

Challenge Starting Difficulty[]

Ui Challenge Difficulty Bg5

The starting level of the challenge is defined by the average level of your 3 highest survivors (see table below). When the average level of your 3 highest survivors becomes greater than 24, the difficulty level stops increasing. Note that since the challenge score is based on the rounds' difficulty, the maximum amount of stars is lower unless you have at least lvl 24 heroes.

Challenge Starting Difficulty

Challenge Structure[]

Challenge Structure

Since update 6.6 each challenge has 90 rounds of 6 maps (before that 80 rounds). From level 12 of the Council, it is possible to carry out a Master mission, one of the missions on the map with a higher difficulty (more specifically, 4 levels above the difficulty of the other missions). This Master mission changes every round (it starts with the top 3 missions, then the bottom 3 missions). If you don't have any round passes, you start at round 1. After each of the 6 missions have been finished, you can continue to the next round. If you play the Master Mission, each of the 6 missions will be completed with the amount of starts you gained in the Master Mission. It is possible to replay any mission as many times as you like. Stars will not be lost even if you do worse on the retry.

Challenge Master Mission Order

Challenge Difficulty & Nightmare Rounds[]

In each round of the Challenge, the level difficulty increases progressively until level 50 (the Mission Starting Difficulty doesn't increase after reaching level 50). Rounds 81-90 will be a repeat of rounds 71-80, but with four added Plight conditions added. The Plights will be the same on all maps and change weekly.

Challenge Mission Difficulty by round. Note that the Master Mission is always round level + 4
Level Observation Level Rounds
Level increases every round Starting Level — 22 -
Level increases in each 2 rounds 23-50 -
Nightmare rounds - Always starts at Round 61
Plight rounds - Always starts at Round 81

Once you reach round 61, the Nightmare Rounds start. During the Nightmare rounds, a progressively larger amount of regular walkers will be substituted for special walkers, and the threat counter will decrease in time and increase in amount, based on the below table:

Challenge Nightmare Rules

Round Passes[]

Ui Icon Round Pass

Round Passes serve to reduce the game time required to reach a higher difficulty level right from the start, and save time and gas.

As you collect more round passes, more rounds will be skipped at the start of the next challenge. In addition, the stars earned in these first rounds will be doubled. Every 3 rounds of the challenge completed, 1 new Round Pass is acquired.

Ex: 10 passes of rounds are acquired. This means that in the next Challenge 10 rounds will be skipped, and the next 10 rounds will have their number of stars doubled. Note that this means that unless you have the maximum amount of round passes (30, earlier 26), it will not be possible to get the max score of 6210 (earlier 5358). For example, if you start the challenge without any round passes, and play every round perfectly with lvl 24+ heroes, you will get 5014 points (until round 80).


The target of the challenge is to the highest round possible, and collect the maximum number of stars. The Challenge Leaderboard is based only on the amount of stars gained.

It is possible to achieve a maximum of 4 stars for completing a mission. If any survivor is killed, the mission ends in a fail.

  • 1 star for completing the mission (this is always awarded unless the mission ends in a defeat)
  • 1 star for no struggle
  • 1 star for no injury (i.e. no survivor is bruised or more badly damaged). It is possible to use Medkits to get a survivor back to green health, if Injured or Bruised. If a survivor has gone into red health it's not possible to get it back to undamaged status for scoring purposes.
  • 1 star for using the Star Hero as the leader. Note that this star is only awarded if all other stars are awarded as well.

During some rare events the struggle or injury condition has been replaced by a "complete mission in 7 turns" condition instead.

The maximum amount of stars that can be achieved is 6210 (earlier 5358). This requires that your starting level is the maximum (24) and that you have collected the maximum amount of round passes (30) in the previous challenge. If one or both of these preconditions are not fulfilled it is impossible to get max points, even if all missions are completed perfectly.

The score of one round of missions is the total of stars from the missions (so a maximum of 6 missions x 4 stars x 2 for double stars when round pass active = 48 points) + the mission difficulty level so 18-50 (again times two when round pass active).

The max stars, based on amount of round passes gained, can be checked from this link.

Changing Guilds Mid-Challenge[]

If you change guilds in the middle of the challenge, several things can affect your score as well as the guild's score.

For you personally:

  • When you leave a guild mid challenge your stars leave with you.
  • When you join a guild mid challenge any stars you had remain on your personal tally but are not automatically added to the guild tally.
  • If you join a guild mid challenge that had 20 players whom scored all scored at least 1 star; and one of those players left and you joined any stars you earn that week do not count towards their tally. Only if their 20th person left before earning any does your new stars count in that guild for that week. There will be a "Points withheld" text instead of a score on the guild scoreboard.
  • Any stars you earned in guild A don't carry forward when you leave and your stars are removed from guild A
  • If all 20 members of guild B earned at least 1 star before anyone left, any stars earned by any new members during the same challenge won't count.
  • Any stars you earn in guild A and earn in guild B count towards your individual total.
  • Guild B will not be able to see how many stars you earned in guild A when you join.
  • You will earn guild rewards in guild B that the guild earns while you're in it during the same challenge as long as you haven't already earned them in guild A. Example if you earned the first radio reward while in guild A and left to join guild be before they earned that reward, you will not earn it a second time.


The Leaderboard is based on the amount of stars gained. There is a Global Leaderboard, and a Local Leaderboard. In case of ties, there is a somewhat complicated logic followed:

Global & Local Leaderboard[]

  1. The ranking in ties is based on who finished the first challenge mission first. The 100 fastest to finish the first mission will be shown on the leaderboard, with the fastest being in spot 100, the next fastest in spot 99 etc. This means that a player in spot 1 will be bumped off the leaderboard completely, if another player that finished the first mission faster, completes the challenge with max score.
  2. If you are tied for the max, you will see yourself somewhere on the leaderboard in positions 1-100 based on rule 1, or if you are not in the 100 fastest starters, in spot 1. In this case, the leaderboard is expanded to show in total 101 names.
  3. If you are not in the top 100 or tied for the max score, you will see yourself at spot 101.

Guild Global Leaderboard[]

  1. In case of tied guild scores, the same logic as for individual players applies. So the guild with the fastest player to finish the first mission will be placed last.

Guild Internal Leaderboard[]

  1. Unlike the other leaderboards, inside the guild the leaderboard in case of ties will be based on join date, with the newest members in the guild taking the top spots.


There are 2 types of rewards in Challenge Mode: Individual rewards and Guild rewards. Individual rewards are acquired when the player reaches a certain number of stars. Guild Rewards are acquired when the guild reaches a certain number of stars, and that rewards are distributed by all the members of the guild.

Completing a mission gives 1 to 4 stars, depending on how perfectly it is completed. Additionally, you get some stars corresponding to the rounds difficulty is awarded.

Also, there are the Rounds Completion rewards, that are acquired when the player concludes a challenge round.

The rewards were updated in version 6.6 with the introduction of the 10 new Plight rounds. The first picture shows the updated rewards, while the lower pictures show the rewards before version 6.6.

Challenge Rewards Individual
Challenge Rewards Guild
Challenge Rewards Rounds

The Challenge rewards were changed on Nov 1 2023, with the following changes:

Challenge rewards change

Star Hero[]

The game features a weekly Star Hero that has increased damage and health, and an extra star level in all game modes.

Furthermore, when using the Star Hero as the team leader in the Challenge, you get an extra 4th star when you complete the mission perfectly (with 3 stars).

Details of the current Star Hero and specific characteristics will be visible in the camp, next to the 'Black Market', as well as in the Survivor and Challenge mission menu.

Note that usually every week will also have a boost to a certain class, which usually corresponds to the class of the star hero. So for example on a week with Sasha as star hero, Hunters will start the missions charged. The exception is Assaults, and on weeks with an assault star hero usually regular survivors are charged instead.

Star Hero Camp
Star Hero Screen

The Original Star Hero[]

The Star Hero was introduced in update 3.2 (March 2019). Originally the star hero was designed to be used in Guild Wars, when you would get 15% extra points, if the star hero was used as the team leader. However, the bonus calculation never worked properly, and the star hero was shelved some time later. Using the "OG" star hero did not give any additional points in the challenge, but the OG star hero still had increased damage and health.

The original star hero was changed every two weeks, unlike the current star hero mechanic, where it changes weekly.


Since update 6.6, a new set of rounds was added to the end of the challenge. These 10 rounds (rounds 81-90) will be a repeat of the rounds 71-80 but with four added Plights. These are debuffs that make the mission harder, either by giving walkers a chance to resist various status effects, or which affect the survivors, for example by reducing their movement range. The possible plights are shown below:


The active Plights can only be seen after reaching round 81, when the pre-mission screen will have a tab showing them, and a hand icon on the actual mission screen.

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