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Weapons and armors are used by survivors to increase their damage and health. Each survivor that joins the group starts with an armor and a weapon (both specific to their survivor class). You can get these equipments:

  • Opening crates;
  • By accepting survivors into your camp;
  • As rewards from episode completions and achievements;
  • Purchasing directly from the shop.

Each piece of equipment has a level, a rarity, and a number of locked or unlocked traits. The starting level also marks which minimum level survivor can use this equipment, and the required level of the Workshop to make upgrades.

Note: You can have a maximum of 300 items (weapons and armor) in your inventory, the game will automatically discard items that exceed this limit. However, any Epic (blue) or Legendary (gold) gear will not be scrapped, so there is no need to manually scrap anything. Also, any gear marked favorite will not be auto-scrapped. It is usually a good idea to collect all gear possible and scrap unneeded gear in batch when on 2x XP booster to maximze the XP received from scrapping. For the same reason any excess XP should be used to level up gear, which later can be scrapped to regain part of the investment.

Initial Equipment Level Definitions[]

When you receive a weapon or an armor, its level may vary depending on where you received that item from.

  • The level of equipment bought from the trade goods shop crates depends on player level, top-left corner, and can vary a few levels.
  • The level of equipment received after the missions depends on the difficulty level of the mission, and can vary a lot. Remember to always keep an eye on the difficulty level of the mission!
  • The level of equipment received from the bundles is the same level as your highest level survivor in that class. Train your survivors to higher levels for better gear!

How to Calculate Equipment Values[]

Each Equipment has base values to calculate the final values of the equipment, based on the level, class, rarity, and weapons of the characters:

Equipment Base Values 2

Equipment Stars ModifierEquipment Class Values

Equipment Weapons Exceptions

To calculate the Equipment values, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

1 — Collect the base value of equipment, according to its level.

Example: Player X wants to calculate a normal 5-star Warrior weapon, level 31. So, he takes the base damage value of level 31, being 3613.

2 — Collect the Rarity Modifier percentage, depending on the rarity.

Example: As player X wishes to collect 5 stars equipment, he collects the value of 40%.

3 — Collect the percentage of Weapon Modifier. Usually weapons have a common value, but there are weapons that have a different Modifier (shown in a different table).

Example: As player X wants to calculate a normal 5-star Warrior, he takes the value of 100%.

4 — Multiply the base value of the equipment with the sum of the percentages, rounding down.

Example: Player X then calculates: 3613 (Base damage) × (40%(Rarity Modifier) + 100%) = 3613 × 140% = 5058.2 which, rounded down, is 5058.

Apocalypse Gear[]

In update 6.8 a new type on gear was introduced, called Apocalypse. These are special weapons, that do extra damage, have a reduced chance of body shots, or a better damage resistance than other gear. Unlike other equipment, these weapons and armors need to be unlocked by collecting their respective gear tokens. So unlike for example Heirloom tokens, each apocalypse token is unique and can only be used to unlock that particular equipment. The first Apocalypse gear is the CRM Trident, which requires 200 tokens to unlock.

Tokens can be obtained from seasonal campaigns (with the "Civic Republic" campaign) giving 40+80 tokens (at 1750 and 3000 points). In addition, one token can be obtained in Last Stand for reaching wave 3. Deca also announed that tokens can be obtained from not yet launched game modes as well.

For more information, check the official info on Deca's website.

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