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Heirlooms is a new feature on selected heroes, introduced in the 6.3 update. So far three Heirlooms has been introduced:

Equipping and Upgrading a Heirloom[]

Heirlooms can be found on the Hero the Heirloom belongs to, so the Friendship Bracelet Heirloom can be found on Daryl's Hero page. Click on the small icon next to his name to open the Heirloom screen. They start at level 0 and as soon as you have upgraded it to level 1 you can equip it. The color will change from Grey to Gold when the heirloom is equipped. It is also possible to unequip the Heirloom. Currently there is little reason to do so but it's possible that a hero will have several options of different Heirlooms sometime in the future.

Click on the Heirloom icon and then on the Upgrade icon to check its level and what you need to upgrade it. If you have the required tokens, the "Upgrade" button will be active and you can click it, which will consume the required tokens.

Once equipped, the Heirloom will automatically be active in any mission, similar to any trait.

Note that unless you are at a level where you need heirloom tokens for upgrading there will be no way to know how many you have. However, there is a workaround, and if there are heirloom tokens for sale in the bundle shop, you can hover over the token and a popup will tell how many you have.

An heirloom can be upgraded to level 15, with the resources mentioned below:

Heirloom Upgrade cost
Level Cost Heirloom dependent cost
1 100 gold
2 200 gold
3-4 Hero tokens
5 100 Heirloom badges Hero tokens
6-9 Hero tokens
10 250 Heirloom badges Hero tokens
11-14 Hero tokens
15 500 Heirloom badges Hero tokens

Obtaining Heirloom Badges[]

The normal token for upgrading Heirlooms is the Heirloom badge, which can be obtained from different game modes, according to the below table:

Heirloom badge reward
Mode Treshold Reward
Challenge 200 stars 10
Challenge 2000 stars 15
Challenge 5000 stars 25
Token campaign 1500 tokens 80
Token campaign 2750 tokens 120

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