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Unlocking Heroes[]

When you get enough tokens for a Hero, you can select to unlock them. After which they will permanently stay with you. Unlike regular survivors, it is not possible to scrap Heroes. A Hero does not require a survivor slot, but will simply add one slot automatically.

Heroes will unlock at the highest level of your survivors. So if you have an assault at level 20 and all other guys in your roster at level 10, and you unlock Survivalist Rick (a scout), he will unlock at level 20.

As a lot of XP is needed to upgrade Heroes, it is strongly recommended to unlock most Heroes only when you have reached the max level (currently 30).

You can always check out all Heroes in the game by clicking on the “TWD Heroes” tab on the survivor screen.

Hero Special Functionalities[]

  • Heroes have a Leader Trait.
    • When the Hero is in the Leader position, all members of the team can use the leader trait
    • When the Hero is in the second or third position, only themselves can use the leader trait
  • Heroes have boosted Dmg and Health.
  • Heroes are considered 1 level higher for ASL calculations

Hero Traits Values & Damage and Health Boost by Hero[]

TWD NML Hero Traits

Suggested Best Heroes[]

The table below is one suggestion of the best heroes in the game. Note that this list is subjective and opinions will always differ.

A-Tier Heroes
Hero Class Comment
Mercer Assault By far the best damage dealer in the game
Princess Assault Her ability to get charged mean you can stun all walkers around you
Fighter Rosita Bruiser Her ability to attack many times makes her very versatile. Too bad the bruiser class is weak in the current meta.
Sasha Hunter Her ability to get everyone charged is super useful. However, Connie does the same thing even better.
Connie Scout She can get everyone charged, and scouts are overall versatile.
Glenn Scout A bit niche, but PGG's ability to open chests and move is very useful in some challenge missions.
Yumiko Shooter She is the ultimate teammate and pairs perfectly with Mercer.
Quinn Shooter Quinn at high pinks can deal massive damage on his own.
Ezekiel Warrior His pretaliate attack is extremely useful to avoid getting hit
Tyreese Warrior His circles will damage and slow down walkers, making him great for crowd control
Magna Warrior Very similar to Tyreese

For new players it is suggested to keep the amount of unlocked heroes at a minimum. Check the newcomer's guide for recommendations on Heroes at the initial stage of the game.

Suggested PvP Heroes[]

The "Best" Heroes work best for the normal game modes, but for playing PvP missions against human enemies you sometimes want a different set of heroes, that you can badge defensively. Note that some Heroes are only useful in the attacking role and some only in the defensive role (i.e. played by the AI). These are the best heroes for this task:

PvP Heroes
Hero Class Attack/Defense Comment
Carl Shooter Defense Extra life when killed the first time.
Hilltop Maggie Shooter Attack Can get extra shot when attacking human enemies.
Abraham Assault Both, Outpost only Extra Health
Dwight Hunter Both Extra damage against human enemies
Shane Hunter Defense If the attacker gets surrounded by walkers Shane can do very serious damage by blowing up the walkers
Negan Bruiser Both Status resistance, extra damage, but as it only concerns a few "closest" enemies they will often be walkers so it's a bit of hit and miss. Eugene is usually the safer choice.
Eugene Bruiser Both Protection against critical hits & stuns
Guardian Carol Hunter Both Can get double shots, unless dodged
Mercer * Assault Defense Status resistance, extra damage

Mercer can be useful also on offense but needs to be defensively badged in this case, which few players do.

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