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Chapter Missions is the Campaign & Tutorial mode of the game, directed especially at new players. There will popups at the campfire, urging the player to complete the Chapter missions, but they can be completed whenever the player feels like it.

The Chapter missions are split into 15 chapters containing 6-7 missions each, and the missions have to be completed in sequence. Once a mission is completed, it may not be replayed again. However, except for Chapter 1, each Chapter can be played a total of 3 times, of increasing difficulty (called Normal, Hard & Nightmare).

Note that only the "Normal Mode" version of the Chapter Missions will be shown with a glowing icon on the campfire, and with the Chapter Mission icon being the first icon on the mission selection screen. After Normal Mode is completed, the Hard and Nightmare mode will only be available through the mission screen, and now with the icon for Chapter Missions being on the very far right (as shown in the pictures below).

Chapter Missions when Normal Mode not yet completed

Chapter secondary

In addition to various mission and chapter rewards, each chapter completes an "Achievement" giving 100 gold each. The completion rewards for completing the Normal mode of the chapter is mentioned below.

Summary of Storyline[]

Chapter 1[]

Episode 1 of the Chapter Missions is "Road to Terminus", where the team is guided by Daryl to make their way back to Terminus. This Chapter is a tutorial, with popups explaning how to play and upgrade the base, equipment & survivors. During the missions several survivors are saved, and these will be added to the player's pool of survivors. In the last mission, Canned Food, an assault survivor called Angie is rescued from a container, together with a hunter survivor (the Hunter class is unlocked after this mission). It is revealed that she is pregnant.


Angie does not become a playable character, she is instead found at the campfire, where she gives the player new tasks. She start by telling about an abandoned military base, which she believes is full of supplies.


Chapter 2[]

Chapter 2 revolves around an abandoned Army Base:

Abandoned base

The team approaches the base, and searches for loot in Open Road and The Dead Convoy, then continues towards the base in The Empty Woods (which unlike the name imples is another road & loot the cars type of map). The base is finally reached in Breaching the Gate and the base is searched for loot in Safety First and Armored Dead, where the player encounters Armored walkers for the first time. The looting continues in the final mission, Government Issue.

Chapter 3[]

Episode 3 starts with Angie telling about a radio transmission talking about the State Prison, located not far from the camp.

Episode3 start

In the first mission, Echoes of a Riot, the team encounters a bunch of armored walkers. A bit misleadingly the player is led to believe bullets aren't effective against armored walkers (in the game there is only an increased chance of body shots):

Chapter3 mission1

At the end of the mission the guy that sent the radio message informs that he is hiding in the radio room and explains how to get there. The team passes through the D Block on their way in a mission two, and the B Block in mission Between Hell and Eden. The radio guy starts talking about "Eden Farm":

Chapter3 mission3

In the next mission "Three Doors Closed" the team has to seal off the B Block. The radio guy continues explaining that Eden Farm is an island off the coast, that has been spared from walkers. He asks the team to hurry, as walkers are almost getting into the radio room. In the fifth mission it is revealed that the radio guy's name is Bud. Although the story asks the team to hurry all the time, most of these missions are still the Search for Clue types of missions.

Mission six "Kevlar" is the first "Kill the Tough Walker" type of mission, with an armored walker of a higher level, allegedly carrying the keys to the radio room.

Chapter3 mission6

In the final mission of Chapter 3, Bud, a shooter class survivor, is finally found and is rescued from the radio room.

Chapter 4[]

Chapter four revolves around the team's objective to find this Eden, and in mission one the team makes its way past some abandoned cars, and in mission two the trunk of a car is investigated for loot. In mission 3 "Pushing the Limit" the team is almost there. In mission five "The Dead Pile" the team is at the gates of Eden, but something feels wrong:

The dead pile

This is the first mission with a body pile. It becomes clear that the town is abandoned, and the team starts investigating why. In mission six "Free Men", the team encounters human enemies for the first time. In the final mission "Survivors" the team finds a survivor after the Freemen attack.


Here the player is reminded of the fact that gunfire causes threat. After working its way to the edge of the map, a lone survivor called "Sarah" is found. She explains that the Freemen dumped a truckload of walkers in the town. The reward after this mission is the first survivor of the shooter class.

Chapter 5[]

The chapter is called "American Pastoral" and it starts off with the team crossing some open land, where ranged weapons will come in handy.

Chapter6 mission1

Here the team encounters a tank walker for the first time. In the next mission the team reaches a farm, which is scavenged for supplies. In the third mission "Runabout" the team rescues a scout survivor which is being chased by a tank walker. The team leaves the farm in the next mission, but need to open a locked gate first (7 turns). In the next mission, the team approaches another farm, but encounter some walkers in a burnt-out barn. Here, the team encounters two Tough Walkers, tank 2 levels higher than other walkers.

Chapter5 mission5
Chapter5 mission5 2

In the final mission "The Farm", the team reaches a trailer with supplies next to the farmhouse. Here the player gets aquainted with the mechanics of pushing objects.

Chapter 6 "Lakeside"[]

The Chapter starts off with the team on the road, and a person called "Bud" suggests looking for some shelter in a cabin. In the second mission "Brother’s Lament" the team finds some other survivors that they decide to rescue, and they find a guy called "Paul" who is trapped inside a truck. This mission has a unique "Search for Clues" objective where you have to search the bodies of dead people instead of the normal crates.

Chapter 6 pic 1
Chapter 6 pic 2

The team continues towards the lakefront in mission 3 and 4 "Road Works" and "In the Ground". In the Ground is the first mission to have "traps" in the ground, with walkers spawning if you move over certain tiles. In mission 5 "Best Remain Buried" the team closes in on the cabin. Also this mission has walkers buried in the ground.

Chapter 6 pic 3

In the final mission of the chapter, "The Long Road", the cabin is finally found but it's booby-trapped. This mission has a minefield of walkers buried in the ground. It ends with the team saying "That's all of them. Let's get inside and then get the hell out of here!". The completion reward for the Chapter is a 223 Hare (Hunter weapon).

Chapter 7 "Proving Grounds"[]

This chapter starts off with "Going to Town", where the ream returns to Woodbury to look for loot. In mission 2 the team has become scattered and needs to regroup. After some initial scavenging, the team reaches the "Gates of Woodbury" in mission 4. In the next mission, the team is urged to search for "Wanda's contact". Bud, who has been scouting ahead, tells that she is dead. In the final mission "Bleeding Edge" we suddenly have the Governor, telling that Wanda's contact is up ahead. The contact (a survivor of the Warrior class) is scared and hiding behind a closed fence, but as she's released, walkers start pouring out of a nearby building.

Chapter 7 pic 1
Chapter 7 pic 2
Chapter 7 pic 3
Chapter 7 pic 4
Chapter 7 pic 5

List of missions[]

  1. Road to Terminus (currently 6 missions). Completion reward: Unlock Hunter Class. Videos by Kapaoo.
    1. Follow the Tracks (video)
    2. Hit the Road (video)
    3. Smoke Signals (video)
    4. Hidden Dangers (video)
    5. The Gates of Terminus (video)
    6. The Candle Room (video)
    7. At some point the chapter consisted of 7 missions, the last being Canned Food (video)
  2. Military Rations. Completion reward: Basic Armor (Epic Bruiser armor). Videos by Zoson.
    1. Open Road (video)
    2. The Dead Convoy (video) - this map has now been reused as a Scavenge map
    3. The Empty Woods (video)
    4. Breaching the Gate (video)
    5. Safety First (video) - this map has now been reused as a Scavenge map
    6. Armored Dead (video) - this map has now been reused as a Scavenge map
    7. Government Issue (video)
  3. Prison Voices. Completion reward: Kitchen Cleaver. Videos by Zoson.
    1. Echoes of a Riot (video)
    2. D Block (video)
    3. Between Hell and Eden (video)
    4. Three Doors Closed (video)
    5. A Rat in a Maze in the Dark (video)
    6. Kevlar (video)
    7. On the Air (video)
  4. Shadow of Eden. Completion reward: Unlock Shooter Class. Videos by Zoson.
    1. Cut Through Suburbs (video)
    2. The Trunk (video)
    3. Pushing the Limit (video)
    4. The Dead Pile (video)
    5. Lawless (video)
    6. Free Men (video)
    7. Survivors (video)
  5. American Pastoral. Completion reward. Rugged Vest (Scout armor). Videos by Zoson.
    1. The Big Ones (video)
    2. The Bigger They Are (video)
    3. Runabout (video)
    4. Free Range (video)
    5. The Barn (video)
    6. The Farm (video)
  6. Lakeside. Completion reward: .223 Hare (Hunter weapon). Videos by Zoson.
    1. Walkers on the Road (video)
    2. Brother’s Lament (video)
    3. Road Works (video)
    4. In the Ground (video)
    5. Best Remain Buried (video)
    6. The Long Road (video)
  7. Proving Grounds. Completion reward: unlock Warrior class. Videos by Zoson.
    1. Going to Town (video)
    2. Lost and Found (video)
    3. The Empty Path (video)
    4. Gates of Woodbury (video)
    5. Not Prepared (video)
    6. Bleeding Edge (video)
  8. Rendezvous with Eden. Completion reward: Worn Rugged Jacket (Warrior armor). Videos by Zoson.
    1. Barn of Death (video)
    2. Bridge of Doom (video)
    3. Parted (video)
    4. It’s Alive (video)
    5. They’re Alive (video)
    6. Inside Out (video)
  9. The Pursuit. Completion reward: unlock Assault class. Videos by Zoson.
    1. Shortcut (video)
    2. There and Back Again (video)
    3. Boxes vs Walkers (video)
    4. Puzzled (video)
    5. Current Path (video)
    6. Assault on Walkers (video)
  10. Escape Distractions. Completion reward: 7.62 mm Cadet (shooter weapon). Videos by Zoson.
    1. Uncontained (video)
    2. Clearance (video)
    3. Truck No More (video)
    4. Blockade (video)
    5. Last Call (video)
    6. The Escape (video)
  11. The Descent. Completion reward: Patriot T-89 (assault weapon). Videos by Zoson.
    1. Beneath the Dirt (video)
    2. Boiling Under (video)
    3. Free Them (video)
    4. Escape (video)
    5. The Pit (video)
    6. The Flood (video)
  12. Black Forest. Completion reward: The Chopper (warrior weapon). Videos by Zoson.
    1. The Weak Spot (video)
    2. A Glow in the Dark (video)
    3. Search and Rescue (video)
    4. Fire With Fire (video)
    5. Essentials (video)
    6. The Big Bang (video)
  13. The Factory. Completion reward: .338 Buzzard (hunter weapon). Videos by Zoson.
    1. In Ruins (video)
    2. Knock Knock (video)
    3. The Key Master (video)
    4. Crossroads (video)
    5. Left to Die (video)
    6. The Grand Prize (video)
  14. The Church. Completion reward: Morgan's Staff (bruiser weapon). Videos by Terminates and Zoson.
    1. The Church Road (video)
    2. A Life’s Worth (video)
    3. Angie (video)
    4. The Corral (video)
    5. The Quiet Gate (video)
    6. Van Zandt (video)
  15. End of the Line. Completion reward: Light Machine Gun. Videos by Kaled, Marko Vähä-Erkkilä and Real Scottius.
    1. Tick, Tick, Boom! (video)
    2. Chasing Shadows (video)
    3. Knocking on Hell's Door (video)
    4. Garage Sale: Everything Must Go (video)
    5. All Hell Breaks Loose (video)
    6. When the Smoke Clears (video)
    7. The Long Awaited Fight (video)