The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki
Ui Icon Cinema Enabled

Cinema is one of the sources of resources in the game. In it, you can watch up to 3 (used to be 2) videos, getting rewards for each one. The Cinema is refreshed 4 (used to be 7) hours after you have watched the first movie in the cinema.

Clicking on one of the cinema accesses takes you to the cinema screen, where you can see the possible rewards for watching videos. Possible cinema rewards are Gold, Gasoline, and Radios.

The Chances of Cinema Rewards are:

  • 90% chance of getting a Silver Crate;
  • 10% chance to get a Golden Crate;

And in that crate:

  • 25% chance to get Gold;
  • 30% chance to get Radios;
  • 45% chance to get Gasoline;