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Daily Quests are random tasks you can complete in less than 24 hours in exchange for rewards. Each completed task gives you a Trophy. Collecting enough Trophies will allow you to open a Golden Crate, Token Crate, or even a Hero Token Crate!

You can find your Daily Quests by tapping on the button in the top-left corner of the Camp screen.

It’s also important to know:

  • New Quests appear every day (the same time of the day that the Challenge and The Distance start).
  • Unfinished Quests will be discarded automatically when new Quests appear, so be sure to complete them each day to get the most rewards.
  • Use the 'Go' button near the Quest description to go to the screen where you can complete the Quest.
  • Quest Trophies do not expire – you can save them up over several days to unlock the Quest Chest if needed.
  • Complete all four Daily Quests before they refresh to get a bonus batch of Quest Trophies!
  • After collecting a Quest Crate, the next quest crate appears right away. Any extra Trophies that remain are applied to unlocking this new Crate.
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Quest Chest[]

The Quest Chest is a reward you can claim when you have collected enough Trophies.

Each time you complete a Daily Quest you receive a Trophy.

The Quest Chest could be a Golden Crate, Token Crate, or even a Hero Token Crate and each one of these requires a different number of Trophies.

Completing the Daily Quests[]

A popular way to complete the Daily Quests, especially when it requires you to use a non-popular Hero or to kill a large amount of walkers with a certain class, is to play a suitable Season Mission, as these only cost 1 gas and are easy to complete.