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The Distance is a game mode that renews weekly, rotating 6 sets of maps and 12 sets of rewards.

Distance is a game mode that refreshes weekly (starting Monday) and lasts for the entire week. Each time the distance is refreshed, your progress will be reset.

There are 21 missions total in Distance, with 6 mission sets and 12 reward sets:

  • You won't get post-mission boxes like normal missions. Instead, you'll get the rewards shown before the quest.
  • Any charge points remaining at the end of a mission carry over to the next mission.
  • Unlike most other game modes, the mission will not be lost even if some of the team members are killed.
  • If survivors are injured, they will remain injured throughout the Distance, until it is reset. You can use survivors until they lose all life and are eliminated. These wounds will only affect this game mode.
  • If you fail a mission, any walkers already killed or gates already worked on will be taken into account when you replay the mission. You can retry as long as you have survivors.
  • You can heal all survivors once after each mission. The heal restores 10% of their health, unless they have been knocked out. Note that you can heal heavily injured (red bar) survivors back to green health using this function. The cost is 40 gold.
  • You can reset Distance once using gold for a cost of 400 gold.
  • Choose normal, hard, or nightmare mode to set the rewards and enemy levels you want to have. Difficulty mode will be locked until Distance is reset.
  • It is possible to double the rewards of Distance mode by activating Distance Boost for a cost of 400 gold. This can be done at any time, and the doubled rewards from already finished missions will be granted immediately. If you are unsure if you will be able to finish the Distance, it makes sense to activate the booster only when you have finished it.
  • In general, it is always better to boost the rewards instead of resetting, unless you have failed to complete the Distance and want to try again (perhaps on a different difficulty level), as this saves time and gas and you get the same rewards.

Recommended Team[]

  • The easiest way to complete the Distance is to use SMY (Sasha, Mercer & Yumiko) due to this team's ability to deal massive damage and get charged every round
    • Sasha with the Harrier or Harpoon, with tactical & primed armor
    • Mercer with Decimator & primed armor (with tactical either on Decimator or armor)
    • Yumiko with the Savior Handgun, with primed & tactical armor
  • Other good teams are Connie and Fighter Negan, as well as Ezekiel and Tyreese (if you have the Morning Star or Skeggox)


  • There are a few tricks you can use in the Distance due to its unique rules
    • You can start a mission with 2 heroes you want to get charged and with one pawn (for example by making a free 1 star radio call to get a common survivor) then use the Cat support and other charge points generating tactics, then Flee and sacrifice the pawn.
    • It often makes sense to move quickly towards the right-hand side of the map, as the map starts filling up quickly from the left & middle
    • You can use the lower level missions to charge up a bunch of heroes. You can then use charge attacks to take out some of the initial walkers on a map, to make it easier to reach the other side of the map for later teams.
    • On maps with humans, try to stun them and move your team so that the enemy humans get busy with the walkers.

Difficulty Level[]

The Distance

The difficulty level of the distance mode is fixed, regardless of the level of the player's survivors or the map set. There are 3 difficulty levels of the distance:

  • Normal Mode
    • Available at Council level 8
    • Difficulty level from 7 to 20
  • Hard mode
    • Available at Council level 15
    • Difficulty level from 15 to 35
  • Nightmare Mode
    • Available at Council level 25
    • Difficulty level from 25 to 53

In the table below, the difficulty level of each distance level is indicated.

Distance Level Difficulty


There are 12 reward sets in distance. In the following tables, all rewards will be shown, in order:

Distance Reward 1A
Distance Reward 2A
Distance Reward 3A
Distance Reward 4A
Distance Reward 5A
Distance Reward 6A
Distance Reward 1B
Distance Reward 2B
Distance Reward 3B
Distance Reward 4B
Distance Reward 5B
Distance Reward 6B