The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

In a mission, there are many effects that weapons or walkers can do. These are called Status Effects. Some abilities, like Negan's or Mercer's Leader Traits, as well as the Commonwealth Armor Support, will give some protection against status effects. Similarly, Commonwealth Walkers, are resistant to all status effects, while for example Tanks, Goos and Spikeys are resistant only to being stunned.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Bleeding

At each start of your turn, the character takes 10% damage. It is possible to bandage yourself to stop the bleeding by spending half an action point (all action points will be depleted when healing), or by using a Medkit.

A survivor starts bleeding, when being damaged into the red health bar. Only human characters can be bleeding.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Burning

At each start of your turn, the character takes 10% of their original health as damage (this can be reduced using Hazard Suit). Survivors can typically heal it using half an action on their turn. If melee attackers attack a burning target, they immediately take one fire damage per burning enemy hit. If your survivor starts struggling with a burning walker, you have only 1 turn to escape.

A survivor or walker can start burning when hit by a incendiary weapon or being in the blast area of a exploding barrel. There are also maps where burning walkers will spawn.

If a human character takes damage so that the green health bar goes to 1 AND the attack sets them on fire (regardless of if they already are on fire), they will immediately die on their next turn or if attacked again, instead of going into the red health bar (Firebug).

There have been events when fire damage has been increased to 25% of health, although such events haven't happened in quite a while now.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Invisible

The user's movement speed is reduced to half. However, walkers cannot attack the user. Attacking or interacting with an object breaks the effect.

A survivor can become camouflaged by applying a Gore tool or interacting with gore barrels, which exist in some missions.

Note that camouflaged survivors will be included in overwatch and pretaliate considerations, meaning it is very risky to use it especially together with Ezekiel.


The walker will move towards another walker and attack it. The effect lasts 1 turn.

See this page for a more detailed description of the effect.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Crippled

The character's movement is reduced to only 1 space. Any action points remaining (human or walker) can't be used that turn.

Characters can become crippled by being hit by a weapon with the cripple trait, or affected by the Dog support.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Herd

In this status, the walker starts following the survivor who herded it, without attacking him. There are walkers that are immune to this effect. Only walkers can become herded.

Walkers can become herded via Beta's leader trait, by the Whisper's Mask support. or the Riot Shield's charge attack.

Herded walkers will not be considered for overwatch and will generally move before any survivor uses their overwatch attacks.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Lured

The lured walker moves to the decoy location. The lured walker is unable to move and attack.

Walkers become lured by killed humans and by flares.

Note that lured walkers that become crippled or rooted will still be lured, even if the status effect is hidden by the root/crippled status effect.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Rooted

User cannot move, but can Attack and Overwatch. Any action points remaining (human or walker) can't be used that turn.

The target can become rooted from the Ensnare trait, and from certain weapons' charge attack (for example the Harpoon, Harrier or Daryl's Assault Rifle).


Ui Icon StatusEffect Reloading

User cannot attack.

The older versions of the bazooka require reloading.


Ui Icon StatusEffect Stunned

The user is unable to move or attack. A melee attack against a stunned target will automatically be a critical hit.

Targets can become stunned from Bruisers' non-bodyshot attacks, from some certain weapons, from Assault's normal charge attack, from the Critical Aim trait, and Walker Tanks' and Goos' attacks.

Tanks, Goos and Spiked walkers are immune to this effect.