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Events last for a certain period and bring a specific bonus that helps the player's development. Generally, one or more events occur at the beginning of the week, and another at the end of the game, but exceptions may occur.

By analyzing the pattern of game events, it is possible to establish a pattern between the events that happen during a certain period. Therefore, I will quote the standard sequence of events in the game, explaining each one of them.

Attention: This does not mean that they will remain in sequence. There are several cases that end up extending or changing an event.

All Week[]

Class Starts Charged[]

In the vast majority of cases, the only event that occurs for the entire week is the “Class Starts Charged” event, where a certain specific class starts missions with the charged attack already available.

Every 4 weeks, one of two events takes place that alternate with each other, with the one mentioned above:

Monday until Wednesday[]

The events that usually rotate and last from Monday to Wednesday are:

Wednesday to Friday[]

It is not common to have an event that lasts from Wednesday to Friday. However, the only event that usually takes place during this period is Gold Discounted Gifts, where you can pay gold boxes to all your guild members for only 100 golds instead of 400.

Discounted Guild Gifts

Friday to Monday[]

The events that usually rotate and last from Friday to Monday are:

Seasonal Events[]

With each game update, an event is released that takes place over a long period (3 weeks, to be exact), which we call Seasonal Event. It is usually made up of a reward table, which can be unlocked with Seasonal Event tokens.

Doomsday Champions

Example of Table for Seasonal Events

Reward Path (Season Path)[]

The Reward Path is a new feature unlocked at Council level 13 and allows you to earn resources by progressing on a Reward Path.

There are two different tracks: a free track that is available to all eligible players and a premium track that can be purchased.

The Bounty Path contains 43 levels and you progress by earning Survival Points. Points are earned by killing enemies, and there is a daily cap on how many kills count towards your progress each day. Additionally, you can claim a small amount of Survival Points from each Hero on the Black Market daily.