The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Game Updates (1.3 – 1.10)[]

Update 1.3 (November 2015)—the first update to the game[]

  • Radio Tent introduced
  • Two new weekly challenge maps: Terminus and Town
  • Daily Quests introduced
  • Exploration missions (called Scavenge missions in current meta) now split between supplies, experience points, equipment
  • Overwatch: there was a bug that caused Overwatch to randomly interrupt walkers. The standard Overwatch now only deals damage - it no longer interrupts the target's actions.
  • New Trait: Interruptor: Ranged weapons with this trait have a 50/75/100% chance of interrupting the target. Interrupted targets will cease all actions immediately upon getting shot at.
  • Link to full update notes:

Hotfixes (November 2015)[]

  • Gold cost of a single unit of Gas changed from 5 to 4. Along with this, we've also made it much more likely that you will find Gas in reward crates after watching an advert.
  • Wolf knives removed from rotation and replaced with corresponding Legendary weapon
  • Gas prices dropped for challenge missions

Update 1.4 (December 2015)[]

  • Story Line mission episode 11 introduced
  • Story Line hard mode introduced
  • Guild Leaderboards introduced
  • New Challenge Map: Burning Forest
  • Challenge missions now available also for players not in a guild
  • Council update
  • Fleeing rules have changed. Any survivors who are in a struggle with a walker while fleeing will be automatically killed—on non-deadly missions will suffer a heavy injury. When this happens, you don’t need to choose any additional survivors to leave behind. The ‘sacrifice’ step will be skipped if a survivor is already locked in a struggle.
  • Link to full notes:

Hotfix update (December 2015)[]

  • Story Line mission Nightmare mode introduced
  • Survivor level cap increased to 15

Update 1.5 (January 2016)[]

Update 1.6 (February 2016)[]

Hotfix (February 2016)[]

  • Change so that there are two challenges per week
    • Weekday Challenge: Mondays (10 AM EST) to Thursdays (9 AM EST)
    • Weekend Challenge: Thursdays (10 AM EST) to Mondays (9 AM EST)
  • Change so that players can join a guild mid-challenge and have their stars counted. Only stars contributed by the first 20 members in a guild during a certain challenge will be counted towards the total.
  • Mission gas costs will be decreased.
  • Difficulty during events will increase a bit more steeply.
  • Reward tiers will be modified.
  • The rotation order of the maps will change.

Hotfix 1.6.4[]

  • Fixes an exploit discovered with the latest update. There was also a bug that allowed a certain guild to gain stars outside a challenge week. This has now been fixed, and the stars gained have been brought back down.

Update 1.7 (February 2016)[]

  • Outpost missions introduced
  • Walker Pit building introduced
  • Resource Trade Goods introduced
  • New challenge map set The Walking Dead season 6
  • Guild Leaders can now leave and promote other players to Leader
  • Council building +1
  • Raiders now do less damage. (-30% to base stat, -50% to weapon damage)
    • Low-level raiders do body shots to high-level survivors. The same applies to low-level survivors vs. high-level raiders.
    • High-level raiders will now do critical hits to low-level survivors. The same applies to high-level survivors vs. low-level raiders.
    • NOTE: The above changes do not apply to Outpost raids between players!
  • Combat and Victory screen injury notifications now happen at the same health thresholds
    •     Bruised: 70% health, Injured: 30% health, Major Injury: Gone to struggle or bleeding
  • Overwatch no longer interrupts the walker without the interrupt trait.
  • If status is bleeding, a Heal button is present and will use all AP if pressed. Charge is not possible if bleeding.
  • Workshop can now improve weapons of +1 level to the previous. In 1.7 the Workshop can upgrade equipment of the same level as the max level survivor.
  • The Outpost combat locks the defending player's save game when being attacked. To players this shows as a rarely seen “you're under attack” message, if you happen to be online at just the time the combat results are being recorded.

Hotfix 1.7.1 (March 2016)[]

  • Various bugs with Outpost missions fixed

Hotfix (March 2016)[]

  • The costs for raiding will now cost 10 Trade Goods and 2 Gas.
  • The Influence cap will be raised to 6000, a +2000 change to the previous cap.
  • One unit of gas will now cost 2 Gold, instead of the 4 Gold prior.
  • The level range of the gear you receive from Gear Crates has been adjusted to prevent drops at levels too low.
  • A six-minute timeout is applied when idling from the game

Update 1.8 (March 2016)[]

  • Cover introduced. Cover will be found in missions where there are human enemies with ranged weapons. Being in cover will HALF the damage done by ranged attacks, but will not help your survivors against melee attacks. A green shield next to your survivor’s name will signal that the survivor is in cover, but beware that your survivor doesn’t get exposed by a flanking enemy. When you expose an enemy, that enemy is exposed to everyone (red shield icon). You can use one survivor to expose an enemy to the rest of your team so that they can attack freely.
  • New challenge mission: Graveyard
  • Outpost Cycles: Finish at higher tiers for better rewards
  • Trade Goods no longer have a maximum capacity
  • Shooter range increased by 0.5 grid spaces
  • Walker Pit Council level restrictions have been lowered
  • It is now possible to have level 15 walkers when you have level 15 survivors (Max. walker level was previously around 2 levels lower)
  • Bandaging requires now only one AP. You can move to cover and then bandage.
  • Challenges no longer have deadly missions. The challenge layout remains the same, but the separate deadly mission is now a normal mission.
  • Level 8,9 & 10 Farm Plots produce significantly more supplies per hour
  • Dependency level down. Higher Cage levels can be unlocked earlier. Unlocked Cage upgrade level 8 on Council 15, Supply costs have decreased for all Cage levels. Time costs have increased for Cage level 2, 3, 4. Time costs have decreased for Cage level 5 and up.
  • Outpost Level 4 (at council level 10)—Supply costs lowered from 520,000 to 270,000
  • Second farm plot unlocked at council level 2 instead of 3
  • Human enemies Overwatch when they are Aggressive (aware of player), but do not attack.
  • In Outposts, the defenders will not Overwatch when the gate is opened, but the following turn, unless they actively engage in combat.
  • Changed cap on the amount of Trade Goods that can be stolen by raiders from your Outpost
  • FIX: Prison Challenge, Iron Railing: Fixed the collision to match the background
  • FIX: Compound Challenge, Background: Fixed buggy Fog of War

Update (April 2016)[]

Update 1.8.3[]

  • Cycles are a new leaderboard ladder for the Outposts in which you can pit yourself against other survivors. Ascend through the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers all the way up to Master to gain the greatest of rewards and prestige. A new Cycle will start every two weeks, with players receiving their rewards from the previous Cycle. When a new Cycle begins, players will be reset to the base Influence amount of their new Tier.
  • Link:

Hotfix (May 2016)[]

  • Starting on Monday, 16th May, there will be one challenge per week. The weekly challenge will start on Monday at 11 AM EDT / 3 PM UTC and ends on Saturday at 11 AM EDT / 3 PM UTC.
  • There will also be other challenge changes:

Update 1.9 (May 2016)[]

  • New challenge map set: Suburbs
  • Balance changes to classes:
    • Scouts: Movement range increased: +1 grid cell. Damage increased: +20 p.p. (percentage points)
    • Bruisers: Armor has more health: +40 p.p. (percentage points)
    • Hunters: Shooting range reduced: -1 grid cell
    • Assaults: Reduced damage variation by 20 p.p. (percentage points). Damage Increased: +5 p.p. (percentage points)
  • Radio tower update: The new radio call system gives you the option to choose from one, two or three survivors with every call you make.
  • AI Changes:
    • Distance Field: melee units prefer to move closer and ranged prefer to be further away
    • Intelligent targeting: The AI now attempts to target multiple enemies if their weapons are capable of hitting more than one target
    • Fixed Cover AI: The AI uses cover in more intelligent ways
  • Scrap XP—get 25% of upgrade costs back when you scrap equipment. Higher probability of dropping XP in the mission loot crates increased, especially for high-level players. The amount of XP contained in all reward chests (mission loot, Trade Good store chests) increased. XP reward from XP grind missions increased. Higher probability of getting an XP drop from Golden and Silver chests bought from Trade Good Shop.
  • Gas can now go over the max when received from rewards
  • Equipment auto-scrap limit raised to 300 items
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm in PVP, provides better matches. Improvements to PVP Shield.
  • Deadly Exploration missions have been removed

Update 1.10 (June 2016)[]

  • Has improvements to the way you can collect and upgrade Survivors
  • Decide whether you accept a Survivor or collect the Class Tokens of the Survivor. Instead of rejecting all survivors for XP, you will now select a survivor to trade in for Class Tokens. Now you can benefit from all the Radio Calls you make, whether you decide to accept a survivor. Rejecting a survivor from your team will now give Class Tokens in place of XP.
  • Class tokens can be used to increase the rarity of the survivor until Legendary
  • The maximum level of all your Survivors will be raised to the maximum trainable level in your Training Grounds. Upgrade ALL of your Survivors to the maximum level, including the Survivors that you already have in your team.
  • Max Council level increase to 18
  • Story Mission Episode 14—The Church
  • More XP for walker kills: Earn up to 3 times the amount of XP from the first 100 walker kills. Walkers after 100 kills reward 1 XP.
  • New equipment traits:
    • Silenced—Has a X% chance of not creating threat
    • Bullet Proof—Enemy bullets have a +X% chance of body shot (only 50% damage) the survivor
    • Stun Resistance—Has X% chance of not getting stunned
    • Charging—chance on kill to generate an extra charge point
  • New survivor traits:
    • Defensive Stance—Increases damage resistance during Overwatch by X%
    • Power Strike—Does X% more damage if attacking without moving
    • Bullet Dodge—Has X% chance to dodge a ranged attack
    • Sure Shot—Attacking without moving increases the critical hit chance by X%
  • Traits progression: After the update, the number of traits a survivor has corresponds to their rarity level (Common 1, Uncommon 2, Epic 3, etc.) New traits are unlocked by promoting survivors to the next rarity level with Class Tokens. New traits are determined randomly and can’t be seen beforehand. Traits can also be upgraded by using Class Tokens inside a survivor’s profile. The newest trait is always first upgraded to the highest possible level step by step. Subsequently, traits are upgraded from newest to oldest. Once all traits have been fully upgraded, the survivor can be promoted to the next rarity level.
  • Rebalancing of combat stats, meaning damage, health, and armor. This balance change will be universal and affect survivors, raiders, walkers, and equipment alike. The changes are subtle and won’t influence gameplay on a larger scale, but have to be made in order for level progression in-game to not become imbalanced eventually.
  • Link: