The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Update 2.6 (June 2017)[]

  • New Missions & Heroes
  • New Survivor Traits
    • Shooter, Hunter, & Assault - Revenge: After an ally is attacked by an enemy in range and LoS, make an attack against that enemy that deals 50% of normal damage. [Upgradeable to 90%]
    • All Classes - Ruthless: Your charge attacks do 10% more damage. [Upgradeable to 45%]
    • Bruiser - Punish: At the end of the enemy turn, make a free attack against a random enemy next to the Bruiser that deals 50% of normal damage. [Upgradeable to 120%]. Note: This attack will also stun the enemy if a normal Bruiser attack against that enemy would do so.
  • Equipment Traits
    • Armor for all classes - Ruthless: Your charge attacks do [10/20/30]% more damage. Note: A survivor with Ruthless and this armor trait would add the values of these traits together to determine the final damage bonus.
    • Hunter Rifles only - Incendiary Bullets: Your attacks have a [30/40/50]% chance to ignite the enemy, setting it on fire. Note: A walker on fire functions identically to a Burning Walker.
  • Council Level 21. Players will be able to upgrade their Mission Car, and then their Council. Once the Council is upgraded, the Training Ground, Hospital and Workshop buildings can be upgraded. Upgrading the Hospital will increase the healing time discount by an additional 15 minutes.
    • Upgrading the Mission car will increase the total maximum Gas tank size to 27. After upgrading their Training Grounds, level 22 Survivors will be available.
    • With a full team of level 22 Survivors or Heroes, the weekly Challenge starts at difficulty 15.
    • After upgrading their Workshop, upgrading level 22 equipment to a max level of 25 will be possible.
    • Level 22 weapons will be available in the TG Shop or Challenge rewards for players of camp level 61 or greater, or for all players when completing missions of difficulty 21 or greater.
    • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Gear Crates will guarantee level 22 equipment for players at camp level 63.
  • New Radio Call - Platinum! We have a new Radio call available to all players who have upgraded their Radio Tent to Level 2 and completed Story Chapter 2. The specifics of this new radio call are as follows:
    • Choose from three options, just like the Gold call. At least one of the three options in the call is guaranteed to be a Hero! Minimum results for each option of the call are 3-star Survivors, or Hero Token options of 32 or more tokens. Epic and Legendary Survivors, and Epic [128] or Legendary [256] Hero Token results are possible with this call. This call costs 25 radio phones. This call will be available for two weeks after the release of the Update.
  • Trade Goods Shop Hero Tokens Repeat Purchases. Once you have purchased Hero Tokens from the Trade Goods Shop, the same type and number of Tokens can be purchased again right away. These additional sets of Tokens cost Gold, starting from a small amount. This is a great way to get the last few Tokens you need for an upgrade or promotion. When your Trade Goods shop is restocked, a new set of Hero Tokens, available for Trade goods, will become available.
  • New Shop Interface: We've greatly improved the functionality of the shop, including the Building Menu and Trade Goods Shop. In addition to a new look and feel, players will have an easier time comparing the contents of various bundles on offer. Purchase stability and flow have also been improved.
  • Bugs and Improvements
    • Fixed a bug that caused the white or blue line that indicates the Action Point cost of a potential movement to show the wrong color by mistake.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause a Leader Trait to continue to be in effect after the corresponding Hero was removed from the team. This includes cases where a Leader was removed from a team defending an Outpost.
    • Carl's Leader Trait "Second Chance" will now ensure that the revived character survives until the start of the player's next turn.
    • Fixed a bug where the Trial replay timers were started only after the player returned to the Mission Menu.
    • Fixed a bug with Swift Strike that prevented the announcement of the trait from appearing correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where some Challenge rewards were accidentally skipped when several were awarded at the same time.
    • Streamlined the game loading sequence to reduce load times when the app is launched or restarted.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a player to have too many Tank walkers defending their Outpost.
    • Fixed a bug where Charge Attacks were occasionally dealing less damage than intended.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the number of tokens refunded when a player retired a survivor to be calculated incorrectly.

Change to Challenge Starting Times (June 2017)[]

  • As of the challenge beginning Wednesday 14th of June, the starting time will be brought forward to 12 PM UTC. As such, Weekly Challenges will end on Mondays at 12 PM UTC.

Introducing "Highlights" (June 2017)[]

Hotfix (June 2017)[]

Optional Update 2.6.1 (June 2017)[]

Optional Update (July 2017)[]

This update addresses some connection issues recently experienced by players in the game.

Update 2.7 (September 2017)[]

  • The Distance Introduced. Original description here:
    • The Distance is open for 24 hours and runs twice a week: the Weekday Event Start: Tuesday, 12:00 UTC, End: Wednesday, 12:00 UTC and Weekend Event Start: Saturday, 12:00 UTC End: Sunday, 12:00 UTC
    • Unlocks at council level 18
  • Badges & Components introduced. Original description here
    • Craftsman and The Scavenger become available at council level 15
    • The number of badges you can have is equal to six times the number of survivor slots that you have plus and additional 100
  • New Hero: Aaron. Aaron tokens can mainly be found in the Distance.
  • Two new Challenge maps - Explore the Farmlands and the Army Base
  • Challenge Round Passes introduced. Receive one round pass for every 5 rounds completed. Link:
  • Balancing Changes:
    • Retiring Survivors: The number of Class Tokens refunded to a player when retiring a Survivor now takes into account the current rarity of the Survivor [from Common through Legendary] instead of the original rarity of the Survivor. Elite Survivors will be counted as Legendary for this calculation.
    • Trait Percentage Maximum Values (introduced because amounts could get over 100% due to badges)
      • The maximum chance for a Critical Hit with a normal attack is 90%.
      • The maximum amount of Damage Reduction that a player can utilize is 80%.
    • Outpost Building Upgrades: In a prior update, the unlock level and building upgrade levels for the Outpost building were changed. The costs and building times for the Outpost building upgrades have now been changed to better match other buildings that upgrade at the same points in the game.
    • Bug Fixes and Improvements:
      • The list of Suggested Guilds in the Guild Search menu is created more intelligently. These Guilds are picked to better match the location, player level, and/or activity of the searching player. Additionally, guilds who require approval will not be shown in the list of Suggested Guilds. These can still be found via a normal Guild Search. Other Guild Search functionality has been preserved. Guild Leaders, be on the lookout for some new applicants!
      • Several Combat visual effects have been improved.
      • Some Camp Buildings have had their appearances altered, and these buildings' appearances will evolve more as the building is upgraded.
    • Link:

Hotfix (September 2017)[]

Update 2.8 (October 2017)[]

  • Change to Challenge: Starting Difficulty and Difficulty progression will still be based on the levels of your survivors as before, but all survivors of level 20 and higher are considered equal for the purposes of calculating the Starting Difficulty and Difficulty progression of the Challenges.
    • Players with three of more survivors of Level 20 or greater will play Challenges with the following details: Starting Difficulty: 14, Single rounds for difficulties 14 through 18. Three rounds per difficulty from Difficulty 19 through 29. Four rounds per difficulty for the remainder of the Challenge.
  • Wrestler trait changed: "This survivor automatically attacks any walker it struggles with each turn, dealing 40% of normal attack damage." [Silver: 65%; Gold: 95%].
  • Council upgrade: Players at Council Level 21 and Camp Level 63 will be able to upgrade their to Council to Level 22.
    • The new maximum Survivor Level will be 23, and Level 23 Weapons and Armor can be upgraded to Level 26.
    • This in turn allows upgrades to your Workshop, Training Grounds, and Supplies Storage buildings, along with the opportunity to build additional Tents
  • New traits:
    • Weapon Trait: Double Tap. Shooters will have a powerful new Trait for managing crowds of walkers or tough human enemies.
    • Armor Traits
      • [Assault, Hunter, and Shooter Armor] Sniper Harness: Deal 15% more and take 10% less damage while in cover. [Silver: 25 / 20%; Gold: 35 / 30%]
      • [All classes] Training Gear: Get 20% more Experience from kills by this survivor. [Silver: 30%; Gold: 40%]
      • [Bruiser, Scout, and Warrior Armor] Hazard Suit: Take 50% less damage from fire. All attacks against this survivor have a 10% chance to be Body Shots. [Silver 60 / 15%; Gold: 70 / 20%]
    • Stun resistance capped at 75%
  • Season Missions: Season 8
  • New Hero: Jerry
  • Distance Normal mode added, in addition to the Hard mode.
  • Guild suggestions for players not yet in a guild
  • Change to Challenge round passes: Starting with the first Challenge after the update, Challenge Rounds that are skipped will count towards the collection of future Round Passes. You will earn a Round Pass after completing rounds 5, 10, 15, and so on
  • Links:

Optional Update 2.8.1 (December 2017)[]

  • This optional update contains under-the-hood improvements to improve your No Man's Land experience.

Update 2.9 (December 2017)[]

  • A brand new and completely overhauled Daily Quest system
  • Four Quests are chosen for you each day. The Quests are randomly chosen, and the kinds of Quests you see will change depending on progression through the game.
  • Bruiser weapon damage increased by up to 60%
  • Improved Damage, Health and LT on most heroes
  • Menu and Interface Improvements
  • Tech improvements
  • Link:

Update 2.10 (February 2018)[]

  • Season Missions: Season 8B
  • New Challenge mapset "In the Dead of Night"
  • Random chance probabilities revealed for calls, crates etc
  • Performance fixes
  • If a player has more Gas than their maximum Gas Tank capacity at the time of activating a 24-hour Unlimited Gas Booster, this additional Gas will remain available to the player even after the Gas Booster expires.
  • Raider and Freemen enemies that have been reported to be moving further and faster than ever before should be restored to their original, intended movement speed.
  • Link:

Hotfix (March 2018)[]

  • Council upgrade: Players will be able to upgrade their Council building to Level 23.
  • After upgrading the Council, players can then upgrade the Training Grounds to level 23, which will allow for training Survivors and Heroes to Level 24.
  • An upgrade to the Scavenger Building, which requires Council 23, will increase the chances of finding higher rarity Components in Mission Crates. Players with the upgraded Scavenger will also no longer find Common Components in the Components Shop.
  • The Workshop can be upgraded after the Council, and will then allow for the upgrading of Weapons and Armor of base level 24 to a maximum Level of 27.
  • In conjunction with the ongoing Carol's Week upgrade event, all Council 22 players who earn a free Kingdom Spear through this event will receive that spear at level 24.
  • New Challenge format based on temporary "Ultimate Challenges" held before:
    • Starting Difficulty is based on the level of your three highest Survivors, but a little higher than previously.
      • Players with three survivors at Level 10 will start at Difficulty 8
      • Players with three survivors at Level 15 will start at Difficulty 11
      • Players with three survivors at Level 20 will start at Difficulty 15
      • Players with three survivors of Level 23 or higher will start at Difficulty 17
    • Difficulty will raise after each Round for each of the first 1-5 Rounds, at which time the Difficulty will then increase once every two Rounds. Difficulties of 27 onwards last three Rounds each.
    • Round Passes are awarded for every fifth Round advance.
    • Players will be able to complete Rounds at whatever pace they like, and will not be delayed by a timer after completing several rounds in a short time.
    • Rewards for personal and Guild star totals have been adjusted to help players earn rewards at a good pace even as Difficulty increases.
    • Since fewer Rounds are needed to complete each Difficulty, it is expected that week-to-week star counts will be affected. However, now every additional mission represents a larger portion of your total score, so players who attempt the hardest missions will really stand out on the leaderboards.
  • Players that have been playing No Man's Land for 20 levels or more are able to build up a great collection of equipment for their Survivors. As the game progresses, the relative value of Rare Weapons and Equipment decreases, since players unlock more ways to earn and obtain Epic and Legendary gear. For this reason, we are adjusting the contents of Gold Crates for high level players and high-difficulty missions.
    • Gold Mission Crates after missions of Difficulty 20 or greater will have a smaller chance to contain Weapons or armor, and all equipment found in these crates will be Epic or Legendary.
    • Weapons and Armor found in Deluxe Challenge Crates and Gold Rewards Crates purchased from the Trade Goods shop will be either Epic or Legendary for players of Council level 20 or greater.
    • In general, players will find Epic and Legendary gear about as often as they did before, and the Rare Weapon and Armor rewards will be changed to XP in most cases, or Supplies for Supplies Scavenge missions.
  • Link:

Optional Update 2.10.2 (March 2018)[]

Update 2.11 (June 2018)[]

  • "Season token quest" introduced, this time with Daryl's RPG and a Flaming Crossbow as the main reward
  • New Challenge mapsets based on Season Missions 3, 7 and 8
  • Change so that a Hero's LT will help himself if the Hero is not the leader (exception: Governor)
  • Heroes are considered one level higher for bodyshot calculations
  • Various bug fixes
  • Link:

Balance Update (August 2018)[]

  • Change to crafting: The chances of crafting a Badge of a lower rarity than the average of the Components used have been eliminated. In order to maintain the relative value of high-rarity Components, the chances to find Rare and better Components in post-mission and other reward crates has been reduced.
  • Changes to various heroes LT's
  • Health Boost increased to 15/20/25 [bronze / silver / gold] to compete with Iron Skin.
  • Wrestler damage for Silver and Gold versions decreases by a smaller amount [10%] round over round.
  • Silence increased to 20/30/40.
  • Accurate improved to 15/20/25.
  • To match their bravery and fearlessness, the base chance that the warrior's Bonus Attack results in a Critical hit has been doubled to 20%. As always, Luck and other Traits and Badges can add to this chance.
  • New Distance mapsets
  • Change to gear drop levels: Once players have reached the maximum possible player level by building and upgrading their Camp Buildings, they should no longer find Equipment lower than the maximum level while playing equally difficult or harder missions.
  • The Token Crate rewards at 1550 stars and above with larger quantities of tokens for fixed classes and Heroes. These will rotate weekly, so each Challenge will be a new quest of discovery as players attempt to top their high scores and achieve greatness.
  • Link:

RPG Update (September 2018)[]

Update 2.12 (September 2018)[]

  • Season 9 missions
  • Alt Heroes Introduced: Sniper Morgan, Riot Gear Glenn and Survivalist Rick
  • New weapons, incl Light Machine Gun, Spear Gun & Daryl's Knife
  • New melee trait: Razor. It reduces the chances of attacks resulting in a Body Shot, similar to the Piercing trait, and also decreases the enemy's Damage Reduction by a hefty chunk. This makes melee survivors much more useful in high-difficulty missions, allows for Bruisers to stun at higher levels more often, and is a great counter to enemies loaded up with Iron Skin and Damage Reduction Badges. [The last is something you might be doing more often in the future]
  • Council update to level 24. The Training Grounds and Workshop will be available for upgrade as well, and the maximum survivor and base equipment level will be 25. Level 25 Equipment will be upgradeable to level 28.
  • Players with three or more survivors of level 24 or higher will start the Challenge each week at Difficulty 18, and start playing two rounds per difficulty at Difficulty 23.
  • The Distance Hard Mode missions have had their difficulties adjusted to account for the new maximum council level.
  • Radio Tent lvl 11, which gives a free twice per week Silver radio call
  • RPG buffed
  • Bug fixes:
    • The RPG Reload is now working correctly when equipped on Outpost Defenders.
    • No more burning Survivors when you start a mission.
    • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect value being showed. Damage values inflicted in a mission has not been changed.
    • The Revenge trait now no longer triggers when Freemen are attacked by Walkers.
    • Fixed an issue that caused opening gates to be interrupted.
    • Fixed a visual error that showed Shooters needing 3 Charge points to use their Charge Ability.
  • Link: