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Update 3.0 (December 2018)[]

  • Guild Wars introduced
    • Unlocks at council lvl 12
    • A Battle is a single 50-minute match-up between two competing Guilds.
    • A War is a weekend event in which Battles can be played.
    • A Season is a two-month period in which Guilds accumulate Victory Points from all the Battles played in that time.
    • The first Season of Guild Wars will start on December 14th at around 15:00 UTC. This is the start of the first week of preparing for Guild Wars. Players can earn Guild Wars Gas from Challenge and Distance gameplay during this week.
    • Between 7 and 10 members of a Guild must all register for the Battle before it begins
    • Each Guild Wars mission will cost one GW Gas [which is separate from normal Gas]. Players will get 5 free GW Gas at the start of each Season. GW Gas can be found as rewards in the Distance and Challenge in the week leading up to the Guild Wars event. The first 5 GW Gas spent by a player in the Battle will be refunded at the end of the Battle. The free GW Gas and the refund work together to make sure you can always play and aid your Guild whenever they go into Battle!
    • VP and RP are awarded for playing missions, with a win bonus
  • Winter "Walker Wonderland" Campaign, with the main reward being the Winter Bow
  • New Hero: Huntsman Daryl
  • New weapon: Chainsaw & Zweihander
  • New Traits: Tactical (weapon trait)
  • New Walker type: Metalhead
  • Player emblem customization
  • Badges with hero bonus work also with Alt heroes
  • Fixed bug with Survivalist Rick's LT awarding too many charge points: The Lead by Example trait was awarding too many Charge Points when a character hit many enemies with a single Charge Attack. This has been corrected so that the Trait now works as described in the tooltip; only one bonus Charge Point will be awarded per Charge attack, no matter how many enemies were attacked.
  • Fixed bug with Aaron's LT: Aaron's Hero Trait was difficult for players to track, especially when many enemies were attacked at once. This has been corrected; now, the Teamwork bonus will be applied whenever any enemy is attacked, if that enemy had been previously attacked since the start of the turn. This will apply to attacks made outside of your turn, such as Overwatch and Retaliate, as well.
  • Fixed bug with Punish: This trait was working incorrectly when there were enemy humans that possessed the Trait. The trait has been corrected such that it will trigger now at the start of the Punish Trait owner's turn, as described by the tooltip.
  • Changes made in 2.12 to make these game mechanics work together had unwanted effects and were reverted. These issues have been sorted, and so we are now releasing the fixed version of this interaction. Now, survivors that make an Overwatch attack on the enemy turn are not precluded from also making a Retaliate or Revenge attack before the next turn begins.
  • Link:

Update 3.1 (February 2019)[]

  • Season missions Season 9B
  • New enemy: Whisperers
  • Spring token campaign, main price the Zweihander
  • Season 2 of GW, starting on Feb 6 2019
    • GW shop has the new weapon Devil's Torch
    • Tier tresholds adjusted
    • Easier to get GW gas
    • As we now increased the amount of GW Gas you can get in the game and also decreased the number of Victory Points you need to reach to get to a new tier, we had to reduce the number of Reward Points you get per mission.
    • Minimum amount of players is now reduced from 6 to 5.
    • The difficulties of some missions have changed [later missions are generally a little more difficult than before], and additional PvE missions have been added to the right-hand Sectors so that players will have more missions to play before the map is completed.
    • Joining a Guild during a Battle - In a few cases, guilds were removing members from their Guild roster when signing up for a match in order to affect the matchmaking process, and then those members would rejoin and participate in the battle once it was underway. This is not how Guild Wars were intended to be played, and so from now on, players who join a Guild while a Battle is underway will need to wait for the next sign-up period before they can join the Guild Wars list.
    • Guild Wars is intended to allow as many Guilds as possible play and compete together - not for any single Guild to dominate by artificially inflating its membership. To ensure fairness, the number of players that can contribute VP to a Guild in a single War is restricted to 20. Players can rotate and move to new Guilds between Wars and still give full participation in the Next War.
    • Various other bug fixes
  • A bug caused all Human enemies throughout the game to appear as Scouts. This was unintentional, and the raiders and freemen have had their rifles and swords returned.
  • A bug would cause the enemies in front of a Metalhead walker to not take damage from a Hunter attack, which was backward from the original intent. The bug has been addressed, and Metalheads should now only protect enemies behind them, as was originally intended.
  • Hunstman Daryl's Leader Trait was preventing some traits like Retaliate, Revenge and Punish to work. This is now corrected and those traits should work even if Prowl was triggered in the previous turn. His trait was also ignoring your second action point. Now you should be able to move, Prowl and move again if you still have an action point.
  • Michonne's Leader Trait and the Chainsaw: The chance of decreasing the threat level was not working with the Chainsaw. Now, when a Warrior equipped with the Chainsaw is under the effect of Michonne's trait, they will have a chance to decrease the threat level as it was originally intended.
  • Link:

Update 3.2 (March 2019)[]

  • Stability fixes to GW, VP and RP rewards adjusted
    • After the update 3.3 is released, we would like to test the stability of Guild Wars experience on a big scale. We are planning to hold a short mini-season with one or two Wars in it, checking whether we (and you, as players) are satisfied with the applied new fixes, before we can proceed with starting the real Season 3 of Guild Wars. Some special rewards will be available in the Guild Shop during the Test Wars, so participating there will net you some benefits (NB: new weapons and Hilltop Maggie tokens will be obtainable through Guild Wars only once the real Season 3 starts). More information about Test Wars will be available some time after version 3.2 is Live.
  • Changes to the Distance: The Distance will now be running for the whole week. The Distance will have 1x free run per week and 1x paid restart per week. The Distance will have improved and more streamlined rewards, due to those changes. The Distance will run from Monday to Monday, with an hour break between each run.
  • Change to the Challenge, which affects how the Challenge rounds work after level 32: three rounds are now out.
  • Changes to rewards as outlined in this link:
  • Council upgrade: Players will be able to upgrade their Council building to level 25 and Heroes and Survivors to level 26. Training Grounds, Workshop, Mission Car and Craftsman can be upgraded also.
  • Reinforcement tokens introduced.
  • Star Hero introduced
    • If the Star Hero is used as a leader in Guild Wars, RP and VP rewards from missions get a 15% increase
    • Star Hero changes every 2 weeks
  • New Hero: Hilltop Maggie
  • New Weapons: Dragon's Tongue & Bayonet Musket
  • Updated Challenge mapsets Overrun Compound, Teeming Graveyard and Grim Suburbs
  • Top 100 Challenge Leaderboard added
  • Dynamic Round Passes for the Challenge were announced but cancelled before the update due to bugs
  • Prowl Bag fixed:
    • The Prowl trait has been interacting in an unforeseen manner with Whisperers, which causes the Survivor to stop their movement when Whisperers are revealed. This issue has been addressed, and the Prowling survivor should no longer be stopped early.
    • Activating a Survivor's charge attack changed the way that the attacks granted by the Prowl ability had their damage calculated. With this correction, Prowl attacks will now have their damage calculated correctly.
  • Michonne's Leader Trait "Thinning The Herd" and Hilltop Maggie's Leader Trait "Keeping The Peace": A powerful new combination of effects is possible. “Keeping the Peace” and “Thinning the Herd” can work together with the charge attacks of Shooters and Warriors to allow for three attacks in the same turn under the right conditions.
  • Link to pre-update notes:
  • Link to update notes:

Guild Wars postponed (April 2019)[]

Update 3.3 (June 2019)[]

  • Story Missions chapter 15 introduced
  • Trait Reroll tokens introduced
  • New Trait: Follow Through
  • Retaliate is available for all ranged classes as well
  • Summer Token Campaign, with Bayonet Musket and Flaming Crossbow as rewards.
  • Change to Reinforcement tokens so that a number of tokens corresponding to the lvl of the weapon is needed
  • Number of ads decreased but rewards improved. One cinema ad can now be viewed once every 8 hours (instead of 4 ads per hour previously). Post-mission ads are now removed, so players can get right back to the action. They are substituted with 4 Free Unlocks per hour - each Free Unlock allows you to open 3 extra crates per completed mission (on top of your default 3 crates)
  • Trade Goods Shop inventory is now stocked with some new additions: more Hero tokens are added to the rotation (such as Merle, Gabriel and Governor), and Alternative Hero tokens are now also available in the Trade Goods Shop!
  • The Ka-Boom! and Quarry Junction Challenge sets have been given a fine tuning.
  • GW still on hold
  • Dynamic Round Passes system is still being configured, so it won't be featured in the current update.

Update 3.4 (September 2019)[]

  • Season 10A missions
  • New Hero: Alpha
  • Fall Token Campaign, with main rewards being the Dragon's Tongue and Alpha.
  • Improved badge management system
  • Master Mission introduced in the Challenge.
    • Starting at council level 12, you will be able to play a Master Mission in every round of the Challenge. It is a higher difficulty mission (+6) that will allow you to skip the entire round. The number of stars that you score on the Master Mission will apply to all of the missions in that round (e.g. if you score 3 stars, you get 18 stars for the round). The map in the Master Mission will begin with the first map in the challenge, and rotate to the next one every round you pass. The Master Mission will cost double the amount of Gas of a normal challenge missions.
  • Improved early game progression
  • Some smaller improvements such as toggling auto-cover on/off and other combat UI improvements, incl 60 FPS mode.
  • New weapon trait: Point Blank Shot & Critical Aim.
  • New weapons: Buckshot Shotgun, Harpoon and Flaming Crossbow.
  • New walker type: Fast Walker. Has 20% less HP than a normal walker, but the same damage and can move further by 2 spaces (4 in total). The Fast walker has 20% bullet dodge and 10% melee dodge.
  • Explosive Barrels introduced. Barrels that explode if you shoot them, hunters and assaults can explode them on overwatch (think grenade walker but static and does not attack). Everyone affected by the explosion of the barrel has a 50% chance to be ignited
  • Minor bug fixes with the network exploits in combat and getting XP in cinema ads while on a booster
  • New status effect: Root. Rooted target cannot move, but can attack and overwatch. Any Walker type may be rooted.
  • Reroll tokens change: To improve player experience with Reroll tokens, we have reworked them so that you cannot get the same two results two rolls in a row on the same survivor (Only if you decide to keep the same trait).
  • New Challenge set "Lakeside" with Fast walkers.
  • Gold Crates will no longer contain Rare (3*) equipment.
  • Warriors have a 100% chance to do a critical attack on the first attack of their charge ability (Chainsaw and Dragon Tongue included).
  • During combat, the game now pauses upon lost connection (airplane mode exploit fix).
  • Fixed the bug with Daryl's Leader Trait, where you could activate your charge attack and Prowl through your enemies with 0% body shot chance.
  • Having a booster will no longer affect your post-mission crates. Before, gas would be replaced with XP. Now you can still get gas.
  • Link to pre-update notes:
  • Link to update notes:

Hotfix (November 2019)[]

  • We’ve received some reports of the weekly bonus allowing players to use Shooters’ charge abilities back to back with Rick’s leader trait. We didn’t account for that so we’re taking Shooters out of the bonus, and will look to fix this for the next time we run an event like this.

Update 3.5 (December 2019)[]

  • Winter Token Campaign, with main rewards being Festive Lucille and Festive Shotgun.
  • Council Update to lvl 26. Training Grounds: train survivors up to level 27. Workshop: upgrade equipment up to level 30. Mission Car: gas storage increased to 35 gas. Hospital: adds an extra bed, so you can heal 4 survivors at once. Farm Plot: Current production rate and storage at current max level (11) increased to 4800/h and 44K.
  • Change to Harpoon: Charge attack changed from a single rooting attack to an additional attack that roots. After the root attack, the hunter will be able to make standard attack. While rooted, the target cannot move. (Note: Root works on tank and spiked walkers). Note: Stun effect will override Root Effect, unless the walker is stun resistant.
  • Change to Dragon't Tongue: Charge attack changed from Whirlwind to the regular warrior charge attack (Bonus Attack: Bonus attack which inflicts guaranteed critical hit).
  • Guild Wars Beta introduced.
    • 1 Season = 4 Wars (start on Tuesdays), 1 War = 8 Battles, 1 Battle = 22 Hours (Battle beginning are 24 hours apart)
    • Battle team = Exactly 5 players (The battle will not start if there are less than 5). Each player can participate in 2 battles.
    • Every player has 20 Attacks in a Battle.
    • GW Gas will no longer be required to play missions, and will be repurposed later on.
    • PvP randomization removed - now, for each PvP mission you have to complete two PvE missions that contain special walkers.
    • Mission difficulties are adjusted based your own character levels (used to be based on the average of both Guilds). So even lower level members can complete more difficult missions and contribute to the guild's progress.
    • You can earn Victory Points and Reward Points from completing GW missions. Reward Points are earned individually, and can be used to buy rewards from the Guild Shop. Victory Points are earned collectively, and the guild that earns more VP wins the battle and gets a 2x multiplier on both VP and RP from that battle.
  • Two new challenge sets (Blood and Ice and ?)
  • .2 Rounds of challenges (for example RSL 30.1 and 30.2) no longer randomly substitute a normal walker with a tank. Instead, some walkers will be 1 level higher.
  • You can now buy XP with Supplies in the Trade Goods Shop (Only available at max council level)
  • Bruisers and Assaults will now deal a critical attack on their charge attack.
  • Building point requirements for council levels between 19 to 25 have been rescaled for smoother progression.
  • Link:

Hotfix 3.5.2 (December 2019)[]

  • Fixed an issue with the delay when opening the guild screen and the chat tab

Update 3.6 ("Bloomsday") (February 2020)[]

  • Season 10B missions
  • New Hero: Beta, with new status effect Herded
  • Seasonal campaign with main rewards being the Decimator and Beta.
  • Badge management improvements
  • Tactical grid option
  • Tara's Leader Trait: The healing from Tara's leader trait can now bring you back to 3 Stars in the challenge, as well as reduce healing time (Note: same as before, Tara's leader trait cannot heal from red health to green health).
  • Challenge missions Gas cost: permanently reduced by 1 (for all levels).
  • RPG weapons rebalance: Daryl’s RPG and Devil’s Torch no longer have friendly fire and deal more damage.
  • Link:

Hotfix (March 2020)[]

Hotfix (April 2020)[]

Apparently there was no update 3.7[]

Update 3.8 "Spring Mayhem" (May 2020)[]

  • Seasonal Campaign with main rewards being Deadly Spike and Hunting Bow.
  • Tools introduced, with Grenade and Medkit
  • GW Season 3
    • GW season duration reduced from 8 weeks to 4 weeks. The number of days in a war has been reduced from 8 to 6 days. Battles will run from Tuesday to Sunday.
    • The number of participants increased from 3-5 to 3-10 players.
    • Number of attacks reduced from 25 to 18
    • Number of opponents inside a sector increased from 3 to 4, so the number of missions inside the sectors also increased from 9 to 12 (from 6 to 8 in bonus sectors)
    • There will be shortcut sectors on the map that are already unlocked. Players can complete these sectors to directly unlock some of the harder sectors, allowing players to jump into harder missions earlier, instead of waiting for them to be unlocked.
    • Link to all changes:
  • Change to Fast Walkers:
    • Movement reduced from 4 to 3 spaces
    • Fast walkers no longer have dodge nor bullet dodge
    • Attacks from Fast Walkers will cause your survivors to bleed.
  • Equipment can be favorited. Favorite equipment cannot be manually scrapped, however if you are over the inventory limit, the lowest level equipment will still be auto-scrapped, even if they are favorited.
  • Two new challenge sets
  • Added Guild rewards beyond 57000 Stars
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug: Alpha's extra movement upon bodyshotting is visibly activated, but not usable
    • Fixed bug: game crashes/reconnects in PvP missions in GW, and then the player becomes stuck, with all of the survivor showing the same portrait with the name "Dickinson"
    • Fixed Riot Gear Glenn's leader trait so that it interacts with the Lucky trait on the initial roll
  • Link:

Hotfix (May 2020)[]

Hotfix (May 2020)[]

Hotfix (May 2020)[]

  • As stated in the title, the Master Mission difficulty in this week's challenge will be reduced by 1 so instead of +5, it will be +4.

Hotfix (June 2020)[]