The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Update 4.0 "Onslaught" (June 2021)[]

  • Season Token Campaign "Cruel Summer" with main rewards being Obsidian Ripper and Luke's Gear Mace
  • New weapon Obsidian Ripper & Luke's Gear Mace
  • Tools are limited so that the player can use one tool per survivor per turn.
  • Charge attacks are limited so that the player can perform one charge attack per survivor per turn.
  • Fixed ‘Kill the Tough Walker’ missions in Guild Wars to only contain one tough walker to kill.
  • Fixed bug where Yumiko’s ‘Firing Squad’ Leader Trait didn’t activate for survivors with a half-action point from tactical, as well as from Alpha’s ‘Cold-Blooded’ Leader Trait.
  • Fixed bug where the score from the previous Guild Wars battle carried over to the next war.
  • In this update, we're also introducing more significant server-side fixes to mitigate Guild Wars issues - primarily targeting the bug where finished missions do not register as completed and do not yield Victory Points.
  • Link:

Update 4.0.1 "Onslaught part 2" (July 2021)[]

  • New game mode: Last Stand
    • Last Stand is played by using Tickets to Hell. Players receive one free ticket a day, but cannot accumulate more than 1. Outside of that, there is also a possibility to make a few extra attempts with gold.
    • The mode runs in 1-week cycles - every week the scores are reset and the map is changed. The composition of enemies throughout waves may change every week as well.
    • Leaderboard scores will be based on the sum of the players’ 5 highest scores of the week, and these will be reset every week.
    • Supports introduced, with Shiva, Dog and Mask introduced
    • New status effect icons in-mission
    • Fixed the issue with players that have Council level 11 or lower having survivors automatically assigned to GW defenders (not able to scrap or change them).
    • Fixed inconsistency where using two half-action points consecutively resulted in auto-healing of bleeding.
    • Fixed bug where game restarted due to Huntsman Daryl’s ‘Prowl’ attack targeting enemies that are not visible to him at the time of the attack - Prowl will no longer work if the target is not visible from the position that the Prowl attack happens.
    • Fixed bug where weapons with the push mechanic caused Beth’s ‘Lethal Aid’ LT to activate without killing the target.
    • Fixed unintended issue where the Power Strike trait increased Critical chance at all times, instead of only when a survivor hasn’t moved.
    • Negans’ Leader Trait ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Moe’ reworked to prioritize special walkers.
    • Link:

Update 4.1 (July 2021)[]

Hotfix 4.2.0 (August 2021)[]

  • Shiva tokens not adding up to players’ inventories
  • Players getting stuck in a reload loop inside Last Stand
  • Some survivors dealing lower damage after the player experiences the reload loops
  • Known bugs not being fixed at this time:
    • Scouts equipped with certain weapons, such as Kingdom Spear or Bayonet Musket, have slow movement
    • Not being able to retire survivors - a temporary fix for this is to leave the guild, removing the survivor, and then coming back to the guild.
    • GW shows as ‘Absent’ although a minimum of 3 guild members signed up
    • GW mismatch with uneven participants or missing participants - So far we’ve found this to be visual bug, and all signed up players are able to play - check the scoreboard the next day and if there still seems to be some apparent issue with points or participants, please feel free to reach out to support
    • Problems connecting to guilds and spectating Battles
  • Link:

Update 4.3 "No Mercy" (August 2021)[]

  • Season 11A Missions
  • Season Token Campaign "No Mercy" with main rewards being the Sawtooth Spike and Mercer
  • New Hero: Mercer
  • New Weapon: Sawtooth Spike
  • Last Stand changes:
    • Last Stand cycle rewards and when they are claimable are now represented with a timer in the game that starts when a cycle ends
    • Last Stand leaderboard position is now determined by your top 4 scores, instead of 5
    • The difference between the highest and lowest level walker in Last Stand can no longer exceed 30. Once that threshold is exceeded, the lowest level walker will die without contributing towards the total score or multiplier.
  • Burning and Bleeding status effect icons are no longer displayed on top of characters like other status effects
  • The color of the Root status effect icon is now purple, instead of yellow which made it more difficult to distinguish in comparison with the stun icon
  • Stun status effect icon modified for increased visibility
  • Bug fixes:
    • Applied a fix to prevent mass "Absent" issues in Guild Wars despite having enough participants
    • Fixed the issue with some players consistently not being able to connect to their guilds
    • Fixed the issue with players not being able to retire survivors
    • Fixed issue with Scouts moving slower with certain weapons equipped
    • Fixed issue with Negan’s LT not working on the ‘Yard Work’ map
    • Fixed issue with Rufus’ LT not working on Last Stand, he now gains a charge point when the spawn counter reaches 0
    • Fixed bug with normal survivor portraits changing in the Last Stand scoreboard view
    • Fixed bug with Last Stand leaderboard tier %-group showing incorrectly on the mission hub (rounding error showing a higher tier)
    • Fixed bug with Morning Star kills not getting counted straight away into the Last Stand round score
    • Fixed issue with the ‘Death Jam’ weapon sound effects and particles missing when used in combat
    • Fixed issue where Fast Walkers retaliate the first damage instance of a Chainsaw attack
  • Link:

Hotfix 4.4.0 (August 2021)[]

  • Fixed issue with scores in Last Stand when dealing with Goos, Shane’s LT, and fire
  • Yumiko’s Firing Squad no longer activates on allies who are camouflaged
  • Fixed issue with fire attacks from human enemies causing your survivors to go straight to Red HP
  • Fixed issue with enemies marked with Negan’s LT not getting inflicted with burning
  • Fixed Dog’s ability to not activate on an already crippled enemy
  • Fixed issue with Outpost battles causing the game to reload
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Link:

Update 4.5 "Anniversary" (October 2021)[]

  • New Challenge mapset "Feeling Lucky" & "Season 11"
  • New Season Token Campaign "6th Anniversary" with main rewards being Ornate Shotgun and Ornate Bident
  • New weapons: Ornate Shotgun & Ornate Bident
  • New Supports: Commonwealth Armor, Michonne's Rainbow Cat
  • Rosita's LT changed: Rosita's attacks which have only one target deal +{x}% total damage. If her attack has more than one target, she may move for half an action point after attacking.
  • Beth's LT changed: Beth’s leader trait is improved to also activate on charge attacks, and her extra damage is boosted.
  • New trait: Perseverance
  • Last Stand leaderboard position is now determined by your top 3 scores, instead of 4
    • You receive a free Ticket to Hell every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, instead of everyday
    • Wave rewards on the Last Stand are increased to match the lower frequency of the game mode
  • Possibility to watch ads to refresh Black Market offers (1 ad every 12 hours) and to cut down 25% on the total building upgrade time (1 ad every 24 hours)
  • Interactions with mission objects can be continued after struggle/dying. E.g. if you started opening a gate but were interrupted by a struggle, you will pick up when you left off when you interact with the gate again
  • Dog will show a preview of which enemies would be affected by the ability if used
  • Last Stand & Guild Wars ‘War’, ‘Season’ and ‘All-Time’ leaderboards extended to show the top 100 scores
  • Story mode tab in the mission hub will be moved to the end of the line after completing all the difficulties
  • Flare/eating status effect countdown will count down at the end of enemy turns - instead of player's turns
  • Unlock timer for the post-mission extra rewards
  • Support cards have been changed in combat to only show for the currently selected team member. When not selected, the support cards will be hidden and only show as a small translucent icon
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug with survivors moving into occupied spaces when using Whisperer’s Mask
    • Fixed Whisperer’s Mask ability to not herd already herded enemies
    • Fixed Dog to also be able to cripple human enemies
  • Link:

Optional Update 4.6 (October 2021)[]

  • Fix for the Infused Lucky trait not stacking with other Lucky traits
  • Perseverance activating whenever the survivor pushes the enemy
  • Minor UI changes

Update 4.7 "Starlight" (November 2021)

  • Seaonal Token Campaign "Winter Hunt" with main rewards being Starbound Rifle and Guardian Carol
  • New Hero: Guardian Carol
  • Ezekiels's LT reworked to Regal Authority
  • New Weaopon: Starbound Rifle
  • New Support: Carol's Cookies & Hwacha
  • Star Hero (re)introduced in a different form. Using the star hero as the leader in the Challenge can give you 4 stars per mission.
    • Along with the Star Hero, there is a special weekly Star Hero Call. The radio call is visible to players who do not have enough tokens to unlock that Hero. The call itself has increasing odds for every unsuccessful attempt you make. This means that if you do not get the Star Hero tokens on your first try, the next call will have a higher chance of giving you the tokens. If your second try doesn’t yield the Star Hero tokens, your third call will have an even higher chance. This goes on for every attempt you make, until you get the reward. Details of the call and the chances will be visible in the Radio Tent.
  • Last Stand Expert Mode introduced:
    • Expert mode features all regular survivors, and a pool of 10 random Heroes from which you need to choose your team members. The randomized pool of Heroes is the same for all players, and refreshes weekly.
    • Expert mode starts from a +7 offset level of your three highest level survivors in your roster, or your highest equipment level minus 3 - whichever is higher.
  • Council level 28 available for players at player level 75.
    • Workshop, Training Grounds, XP Tents and Mission Car can be upgraded.
    • The maximum level of survivors and equipment is now 29 and 32, respectively.
    • The upgrade unlocks an additional XP Tent, buildable at council level 28. Max XP tent level is now 12 → increasing production and capacity to 4k/h and 28K, respectively
    • Mission Car max level is now 15 with a max capacity of 45 gas
  • Black Market shows a clear ‘New’ indication for refreshed offers. Black Market offer refresh has a visible notification for when a new ad is available
  • Overwatch trait notification only shows up when the trait activates, instead of whenever the survivor end the turn with an action point available
  • Fixed visual issue with guild member buttons and ‘stars withheld’ text aligning on top of each other
  • Fixed bug with flare effects ending too soon from Bruiser ‘Punish’ attacks
  • Fixed issue with Yumiko’s leader trait not taking weapon damage into account
  • Fixed issue with Guild Wars individual scores occasionally getting recorded twice for some players
  • Fixed bug with the Ornate Bident follow through not activating when hitting multiple targets
  • Fixed issue with Last Stand cycle rewards not being claimable if you’re in the middle of a mission when the cycle changes
  • Link:

Hotfix 4.7.1 (December 2021)[]

  • A fix to the issue with some players games crashing after the 4.7 update earlier this week

Hotfix 4.8 (December 2021)[]

Update 4.9 "Rampage" (February 2022)[]

  • Season 11B missions
  • Seasonal Token Campaign "Brawl & Order" with main rewards being Mercer's Axe and Riot Shield
  • New Weapons: Mercer's Axe & Riot Shield
  • New Weapon Trait: Ensnare
  • New Armor Trait: Primed
  • Team Presets
  • Equipment swapping during team selection
  • Changed Guild Wars battle draw multiplier to x1.5 (prior to update release)
  • New Black Market offers included
  • Support unlocking and promotion indicators made clearer and coherent
  • Changed the ‘Interruptor’ trait to work on all attacks, together with new values
  • Changed Guardian Carol’s leader trait to allow the reigniting of already burning enemies to give a chance to gain an extra charge point
  • Fixed issue with ‘Star Hero’ health calculation not working properly
  • Fixed bug with the Ornate Bident follow through damage occasionally getting dealt to an enemy already killed by the main attack
  • Fixed visual bug with Bulldozer Shotgun not showing XP notification for all kills
  • Fixed issue with Last Stand partially incorrect wave rewards on Expert mode
  • Fixed bug with player getting stuck mid-mission after using certain tools during Devil's Torch reload
  • Fixed bug with Ezekiel’s LT together with push-mechanic weapons causing guaranteed enemy attack interruption
  • Fixed bug with survivor portraits not getting grayed out after use during combat
  • Fixed issue with animations not working for claiming resources that include Last Stand tickets to hell
  • Fixed bug with Scout Glenn’s LT not staying active after getting killed in the Outpost
  • Fixed issue with Rosita’s LT not always activating for single target attacks, when attacking with status effect inflicting weapons
  • Added server-side fixes to reduce crashes on iOS, as well as crashes caused by Black Market refresh
  • Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, as well as other UI improvements
  • Link:

Hotfix Update 4.9.1 (February 2022)[]

  • Fix for Game notifications causing game to not load and start properly
  • Fix of Visual bug with support inbox having a "-1" indicator

Optional Update 4.9.2 (March 2022)[]