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Guild Wars are an event in which players from one guild fight against players from another guild. This is in practice done by playing missions, with points rewarded based on the difficulty of the mission. The guild which scores more points in the battle wins.

Guild Wars unlock at Council level 12.

Participating in Guild Wars can influence more active communication with your guild, as well as strategizing to lead your guild to victory and collect points, which can be exchanged for exclusive resources and equipment.

Guild Wars Sign-up[]

The current Guild Wars are held in seasons, divided into 4 Wars, each lasting a week, with signup starting on Monday and with one possible battle from Tuesday-Sunday.

There is usually a gap of one week between the 2nd and 3rd War. At the start of each season, each guild's Guild Wars score is reduced to 25% of their final score (with a cap of 40k maximum), leading each guild according to the link achieved in the previous season.

During Monday, enlistment to participate in the war is released for the other days, which run from Tuesday to Sunday. To participate in the war during a specific day, at least 3 players need to sign up for that day, with 10 players being the max for a single day. A player can enlist up to 2 days during a War.

Matchmaking will mainly be based on the Guild's Tier / VP AND the number of players signed up. In some rare cases, it might be that the matchmaking algorithm can't find a suitable guild to play against. In these cases, the guild will meet a bot (displayed with a Negan or other villain pic) having a small, predetermined, score.

Changing guilds mid-season[]

It is not possible to change guilds while a battle you have signed up for is ongoing. At other times, players can change guilds as normal. When changing guilds, the player will have access to rewards in the Guild Shop based on their previous guild's tier. If the new guild has a higher tier, the player needs to participate in one battle to unlock the new guild's tier in the guild war shop.

A maximum of 20 players are allowed to participate in a guild during a war. However, for some time a bug has removed this limitation, and it is possible by changing people mid-week to have more than 20 players contributing points to the guild, meaning the max possible score can this way be exceeded. Note that this it is not allowed to use this exploit, as posted by community manager Jeroen on the forums:

We are aware that due to a glitch, it’s now possible to exceed the weekly maximum amount of 91.840 points. Unfortunately, this glitch surfaced very close to the release of No Man’s Land Version 6.0, leaving us unable to take action against it in time for the new version to be released. It definitely is not our intention to make this part of the Guild Wars strategy.

Ever since No Man’s Land 3.1, it has always been intended to play Guild Wars with a maximum of 20 players. We would very much like to stick to that. To quote 3.1’s Update Notes: Guild Wars is intended to allow as many Guilds as possible to play and compete together — not for any single Guild to dominate by artificially inflating its membership.

We won’t take action against the Guild that discovered this glitch during the last Guild Wars, but we would like to point out our Terms of Service, Chapter ‘Acceptable Use Policy, Point 2.1: “With regard to the protection of our systems, you agree not to use any features of a Game for anything other than their intended purpose, including exploiting any glitches for personal gain”.

Guilds that are discovered to be guilty of exploiting this glitch in the following Guild Wars battles will be officially warned. Any repeat offense after that will result in a temporary ban during the next Guild Wars battle.

We apologize that this glitch can cause disbalance in the leaderboards and we promise that we’re working hard to resolve this issue for No Man’s Land Version 6.1.


During the war, it will be necessary for your guild to face the opposing guild. Therefore, it is necessary to define 3 character formations to represent the player in the war, which the opposing guild players will face. The setup is similar to that of the Outpost, even though there are several differences.

  • Your survivors will still be available for missions
  • As much as it appears in the tab that you fill in your defenders, your badges have no effect during the opponent's attack.
  • The level of your characters and their equipment will be rebalanced according to the attacker's level. So if you have a hero level 29 equipped with a weapon level 6, and the attacking player is of LVL 20, in the attacking player's mission the hero will also be level 20 and the weapon fully upgraded to level 23.
  • From a technical perspective, a "Snapshot" is created of your defending team when you save. This means that the saved team will remain exactly like that until you refresh the team and save it again. So, for example, if you have saved your team and later reroll a defender's trait to something else, the old trait will remain on the snapshot until you refresh the team.
  • Pink Stars will not be adjusted, so if the attacker is a legendary survivor (no pink stars) and the defender has 5 pink stars, all attacks on it will be bodyshots, and its attacks will be automatic criticals.
  • It is not possible to set any kind of strategy for GW defenders like how you can do in Outpost. Defenders will also never use charge attacks or use any leader traits that require a user action (for example an AI defender will never use Hilltop Maggie's possible extra attack).

During The War[]

  • Each player participating in the war will have 18 swords. One sword is used per mission, so a player can play a total of 18 missions per battle.
  • The missions are divided into a total of 72 sectors, divided into 20 islands and 4 separate sectors (see map below). If sector A and B of a certain island are completed, sector C of that same island will be released. The D sector is always standalone and can be played directly.
  • For each completed mission, you will earn Victory Points (The score that will decide who won the war) and Reward Points (The money you can exchange for items in the guild shop).
  • For each completed sector, your guild will be awarded a number of VP and RP, with the C sector awarding extra points.
  • If you fail a mission, you can repeat it without spending a sword using Red Gas (red gas can be purchased in the GW shop). With 20% less Victory Points as a penalty, you will repeat that mission using the same team you played before. You can only repeat the same mission with red gas only once. If you need to repeat several different missions during war, the price of red gas will increase with each repeat.
  • If you are not playing GW yourself but your guild mates are, you will be shown a "Spectator" Mode. In this mode you can see the map and which sectors are opened or closed, but you are not able to open the pre-mission screen to see the mission details.
    • Spectator mode is a bit bugged, and sometimes (maybe linked to you haven't playing GW for a few days) you can't even see if the missions are completed or not. There is a workaround to this; click on the mission in question. If the popup says "Only those that joined today can play this mission", it means the mission is not completed. If nothing happens; the mission is completed.
Guild Wars Map

Difficulty Level[]

  • Each island has missions of varying difficulty, with each island having a specific difficulty level.
  • However, the difficulty level in Survivor missions will always be fixed, unlike Walker missions.
  • The Difficulty Level of GW is highly related to two factors: The average level of your three strongest survivors (NS) (rounded down) and The highest level of equipment you can equip (NE).
    • If NE – 3 ≥ NS, then the Difficulty Level will be equal to NE – 3 + CR. If EL – 3 < EL, then the Difficulty Level will be equal to your EL.
    • Difficulty level (ND)— is the difficulty level that the mission should have, regardless of the characters' level.
    • Ex: In 1A, the CR of missions are between +0 — +2.
    • Examples:
      • You can upgrade two survivors to level 31 and have everyone else and the gear not upgraded and still play PvP missions on level 30
      • If you upgrade even one piece of gear to level 34 (level 31 + all traits unlocked) will immediately increase the difficulty level
GW Sector Information

Map types[]

  • There are three sets of maps: Forest, Junkyard and Sanctuary, with Forest maps found in the lowest level maps, Junkyard in the mid-level maps and Sanctuary in the high-level maps.
  • In general, Sanctuary maps contain the largest amounts of rooms and corners, behind which walkers can hide. Some maps are, however, can be found in all map types.

Types of missions[]

  • There are five types of missions for PvZ, shown on the pre-mission screen
    • Go to exit. Here the only objective is to reach the exit area.
    • Search for clues. There are usually six boxes on the map, and three keys need to be found before the exit lights up.
    • Kill X number of walkers. The amount varies from 11-15, after which the exit lights up.
    • Kill the Tough Walker. There will be a designated Tough Walker that needs to killed.
    • Kill All Walkers. Kill all walkers and exit. In this mission there will never be any spawns.
  • In addition there are PvP missions, where the mission ends immediately when the 3 human opponents have been killed. Unlike in the PvZ missions, the mission is failed only if all your survivors are killed.
  • The pre-mission screen also shows with symbols what kind of spawn the mission has. Previously missions could have both spawn piles and a threat counter, but currently a mission will always have only one of either, and KAW mission will not have any spawns:
Gw labels

Maximum Victory Points[]

The maximum VP per battle depends on the amount of players. To get the max possible score for a week (107,160), a guild needs to have 20 players and divide their participation into 2 battles with 8 players and 4 battles with 6 players. Note that in most cases there will be a number of "spare" swords remaining after closing all sectors. These spares should be used to "double" or "stack" or "jump" a max level mission, i.e. so that several players enter the same mission at the same time. This way, the VP of the mission is awarded to all participating players. All players jumping into a mission need to enter the mission before anyone exits the mission, and the mission will become closed as soon as one player exits the mission. If you happen to red gas on such a mission, it will not be possible to use red gas to try again if someone already exited the map.

Max VP per battle
Players Max Points Sectors
3 4488 20abc + 20d & 10 spares
4 6180 19abc + 20abc & 8 spares
5 7694 19abc + 20abc + 19d + 20d & 2 spares
6 9293 12abc + 19abc + 20abc + 20d & 0 spares
7 10564 12abc + 19abc + 20abc + 19d + 20d & 6 spares
8 12028 12abc + 18abc + 19abc + 20abc + 20d & 4 spares
9 13315 11abc + 12abc + 18abc + 19abc + 20abc & 2 spares
10 14638 11abc + 12abc + 18abc + 19abc + 20abc + 20d & 8 spares

After the War[]

  • The guild that gets the most Victory Points in total will be the winning guild.
  • Victory and Guild Points gained during the war will be multiplied by 1.5 times for the winning guild.
  • In case of draws, both guilds will be awarded the win bonus
  • The Victory Points will be added to the guild total, allowing the guild to advance to higher tiers. Rewards in the Guild Shop will be tied to these tiers. The tiers are also used in the matchmaking.

Guild Wars Tiers[]

Guild Wars Leaderboard[]

The top 100 guilds (by Victory Points) will be shown on the Guild Wars Leaderboard, with an own ranking for the ongoing war and an own for the ongoing season. In case of ties, the guilds will be ordered in the opposite order of their first score of the period (in the same way as it works for the Challenge leaderboard).

The Guild Wars Shop[]

By playing in the Guild Wars, the player will earn Reward Points (RP), which the player can use to buy stuff from the Guild Wars shop. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see which rewards were available during the different seasons.

All items in the shop are linked to a Tier, with many of the better rewards being unlocked only if the guild reaches the relevant Tier. For a guild of 20 players reaching the Master Tier is usually not a problem, but it can be for guilds with fewer members.

If a player changes guilds, the guild shop behaves like this:

  • All guild shop items that have already been unlocked will remain unlocked. That is, a player that has played GW and reached Master Tier, will be able to purchase all items even if joining a guild being in a lower Tier.
  • A player that leaves a guild of a lower tier and joins a guild on a higher Tier will unlock the shop for that Tier only after having participated in one battle.

Guild War Bugs[]

Guild Wars has been plagued by many bugs, and the Guild Wars is still officially called "Guild Wars Beta". The main bugs are related to network issues, with players sometimes losing swords and therefore losing the battle. Some main bugs are:

  • The "Blue Dot" bug. Sometimes, after completing a mission, the blue dot will remain and will show yourself as still being inside the mission you completed. In these cases, the best remedy is to simply wait a minute or two, for the game to reconnect to the servers and update the mission to completed status. If you enter the same mission, another mission, or someone else enters the mission, the sword will be lost.
  • The "Not Available" bug. Sometimes after finishing a mission it will look like the mission is not completed. When clicking it (or any other mission) you will get a "Not available" message. This means your connection to the server is lost, so the problem is only on your side. By doing a hard restart everything should go back to normal again.
  • The "Infinite Loop" bug. In some cases the game might get into a loop of instantly loading & reloading . A message to in-game support is the best remedy here.
  • The "Crash and return to camp" bug. Most of the times when the game crashes it will return you back into the mission you were in. However, in some rare cases it will throw you back to the camp. In these cases the sword will be lost and the mission must be replayed.
  • The "Incorrect calculation" bug. In some rare cases, the scoreboard will show an incorrect score. It could show more points than maximum, less points than what you have actually achieved, or the score of the individual players and the sector score will be different from the total score. In these cases there is nothing to do, except report it and it can be taken into account in the manual scoreboard follwup.
  • Note that the in-game support cannot return lost swords or lost VP. Sometimes support will award RP’s.
  • Note that the battle screen will show an icon with the tier of your guild and the tier of the opponent. This is bugged, because your icon will be based on your matchmaking tier (i.e. the 25% soft tier reset will be included), while the opponent's icon will be based on their leaderboard, so starting at 0. This means your first opponent of the season will always show a Bronze I tier, and for the first several battles it will often look like you meet a lower ranked guild.

Guild Wars History[]

Guild Wars were introduced in update 3.0 (December 2018). The original Guild Wars were quite different from the current version. A battle lasted exactly 50 minutes, and a war lasted for 2 battles, while a season lasted for 4 battles. Instead of granting players 18 swords for each battle, red gas (which was used like swords now) had to be earned as rewards from different game modes. However, free red gas was limited and to be able to reach far on the GW map, you were also forced to purchase red gas for money. Also unlike the current map, you had to start at island 1 and work your way further from there (closing island 1 opened island 2 and 3, with each island opening up two new islands). Herein lied the biggest issue, since a lot of the missions were on quite easy maps and getting far on the map was hugely impacted on how quickly the game loaded the maps, with new iPhone users having a massive advantage over Android users.

After two seasons of this format (which also were riddled with bugs), GW was put on hold and reintroduced around a year later in March 2020 as "Guild Wars Beta" (which it still is called). Most of the features of the current mode were introduced here, with the biggest change being the updated map with standalone islands introduced in season ?.

Guild Wars Winners[]

The Guild Wars seasons were won by the following guilds:

Season Start End Winning Guild(s)
OG1 14-12-2018 Jan 2019 Army of Slayers
OG2 6-2-2019 Mar 2019 Army of Slayers
Test wars Dec 2019 Dec 2019 GK Crew A
The "GW Beta" started here with season numbering being reset
1 16-01-2020 13-02-2020 La Fenice
2 27-02-2020 26-04-2020 Mavericks OG
3 10-05-2020 07-06-2020 Mavericks OG
4 21-06-2020 16-08-2020 Red Machine
5 23-08-2020 27-09-2020 Red Machine
6 18-10-2020 22-11-2020 Mavericks OG
7 03-01-2021 07-02-2021 Mavericks OG
8 21-02-2021 28-03-2021 Wild Walking
9 25-04-2021 30-05-2021 The Last of Us
10 04-07-2021 29-08-2021 Red Machine
11 19-09-2021 24-10-2021 Wild Walking
12 14-11-2021 02-01-2022 Mavericks OG
13 23-01-2022 27-02-2022 Sweden
14 27-03-2022 01-05-2022 Mavericks OG
15 22-05-2022 26-06-2022 Breaking Bad
16 14-08-2022 18-09-2022 Mavericks NWO
17 16-10-2022 20-11-2022 Breaking Bad & Wild Walking
18 04-12-2022 08-01-2023 Rise of Negan
19 29-01-2023 26-03-2023 Breaking Bad, Deadly Alliance & The Last of Us
20 16-04-2023 21-05-2023 Breaking Bad 2, Deadly Alliance & Formosa台灣
21 11-06-2023 23-07-2023 Breaking Bad 2, DArk Vengeance, DArk World, Deadly Alliance, TheLastofUs, Wild Walking
22 06-08-2023 17-09-2023 Deadly Alliance
23 22-10-2023 17-12-2023 Deadly Alliance, Breaking Bad, Utopia, 众神之巅 & Снайперы
24 Jan 2024 Feb 2024 Breaking Bad, Commonwealth 8, Rise of Negan, Stars (Alpha Team), Utopia, Valhalla, Wild Walking
25 March 2024 April 2024 Army of Darkness, Deadly Alliance, Rise of Negan, Stars, TheLastOfUs, Utopia, Wild Walking
26 May 2024 June 2024 Deadly Alliance, Formosa台灣, TheLastOfUs, Utopia, Апокалипсис

Guild Wars Rewards[]