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A Guild is a group of survivors who decide to cooperate in the face of the dangers of challenging missions. Guild members play together for stars and unlock various guild rewards. When starting the game you will not belong to any guild, and it's always optional to belong to a guild. However, Guilds offer several benefits so there really is no reason to stay without a guild.

How to enter a Guild[]

Tap the “Guild” menu and select a unique name for yourself. When you're done, you can select one of the Guilds on the homepage or search for one by name. It is recommended, however, to check the Guild-Recruiiting channel on the NML Discord server, to find a suitable and active guild (the link to the Discord can be found in the in-game news section). If you find what you're looking for, tap the Guild name to enter. You can also search for the guild by its description.

Guilds can either be "Open", which means you can join it immediately (as long as there are free spots in it - with guilds having a limit of 20 members), or "By request", which means someone in the guild needs to accept your request to join it. There will be a small sign on the guild tab showing the requests, and any members which are Elders or higher can accept the request. The player requesting access will not get any kind of popup or similar of being accepted, you will simply see that you are in the guild after the request has been accepted.

If you don't find a guild you like, you can always create your own. Tap “create a guild”, then give it a unique, non-offensive name. You can also write a brief description if you want to highlight your guild's purpose. Select whether it is open to the public (seeking members) or not, and pay 300 Experience Points to create it. You can edit the description and public status after creation. As there are already thousands of guilds in the game, it is strongly recommended to join an existing guild instead of making a new one.

Now, you can invite others to join your guild, but they have to ask to join.

Open Guilds have the option to prevent a player from returning to the guild for a set time when banishing from the guild.

Why join a guild?[]

There are several very good reasons to join a good guild, and any player taking the game even half-seriously should join a guild. Note that the more players and the better the players are, the better, so it's always a good idea to move to a better guild if you feel your performance is clearly better than the others in the guild.

  • In the Challenge, the cumulative points scored by players will give a lot of rewards, mainly trade goods but also up to 380 radios per week.
  • Possibility to play Guild Wars. There is a separate Guild Wars shop, with unique and powerful weapons, tools, components and other useful things.
  • Possibility to give and receive guild gifts
  • The possibility to chat and connect with the guild and general game community is priceless

Considerations when changing guilds[]

While it's possible to change guilds freely, there are a few considerations to take into account before switching guilds.

Guild Wars:[]

  • It's not possible to leave a guild if you are signed up for a Guild Wars battle. If the signup is still open, you can remove your signup to the battle. If the signup has closed you need to wait until the battle is over.
  • Only the first 20 players are allowed to contribute Victory points & Reward points to a guild during any single week. While this is not programatically enforced, it is considered exploiting a loophole and bears a risk of punishment by Deca. See this thread for more details.
  • The Guild Tier will carry over to the next guild, so if you were in a Master Tier guild, and move to a Bronze Tier guild, you will still have access to the Master Tier items in the Guild Shop. If the guild you move to is of a higher tier, you will get access to that tier after having participated in one battle in the new guild.


  • Only the first 20 players can contribute points to a challenge, and a player can only contribute points to one guild during a challenge week. So if you have already scored points in the challenge, do not change guilds until after the challenge is over
  • Any points you have scored in the challenge will disappear from the guild if you leave it mid-challenge, meaning the guild loses all your points for Leaderboard and Guild Reward purposes. For this reason it is very strongly advised to only switch guilds during the Challenge break days (Monday-Tuesday).

Not possible to leave guild?[]

Sometimes it appears impossible to leave a guild. This can be due to 2 reasons.

  1. You are already signed up for Guild Wars. In this case, first withdraw your signups. If a battle where you are participating has already started, you have to wait until the battle is finished.
  2. You have joined a guild with only inactive members (with inactive meaning any player not logged into the game for 2 weeks). In this case the game will automatically promote you to Leader of the guild. You will see the title "Leader" next to your name on the Guild member list. Leaders can not leave the guild, so if this is the case, you need to promote someone else in the guild to Leader first. Click that person's name and tap Promote several times until the person becomes the Leader. You will then be demoted to Co-Leader and are now able to leave the guild.


Guilds are made up of a maximum of 20 players. A player can join or leave a guild at any time. Acceptance of membership is, per guild, either manual or automatic.

There are also positions among guild members, each with different permissions, namely:

  • Member—He is an ordinary player in the guild. Everyone who joins a guild automatically becomes a member. A normal member does not have special access, only being able to score and view the leaderboards in the Challenge, play Guild Wars, participate in the Guild Chat and buy accessories in the Guild Store.
  • Elder—A guild player with more permissions than a member. In addition to all the capabilities of a Member, he can accept people to join the Guild (When the guild is in Request Only mode) and pay to have a guild advertisement appear on the Guild search screen.
  • Co-Leader—A position that is generally used to assist the Guild Leader in running the guild. People with this rank, in addition to having all the capabilities of an Elder, can promote, demote, or expel other members who hold the rank below him (he cannot promote other members to co-leaders). In addition, they can edit the guild description, and they can also edit the guild type. They can also pin a message in the Guild Chat.
  • Leader—There is only one leader per guild. People who create a guild start by being its leader. They have all the capabilities of a Co-Leader, but they can promote other members to Co-Leaders and even to Leader, but they will lose their Leader position. Additionally, they can withdraw players from the Guild Wars enlistment. When a Guild Leader is inactive for 14 days, he will be automatically demoted to Member, and the role of leader will be passed to the co-leader with the most stars acquired in the guild. If no co-leaders are present, then the office will be passed to one of the elders or members, following the same rule.

Guild Gifts[]

You can give all your guild mates a gift for the price of 400 golds (100 gold in special events). It grants everyone in the guild a golden crate (at each separate beneficiary's level), plus a personalized text message from you to them.

With a golden crate, you can get:

  • XP
  • Supplies
  • Badge Fragments and Components (if you have the Collector)
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Gold
  • Radios
  • Gasoline

Once a guild gift has been sent, the transaction cannot be reversed or refunded.

Note that the gift expires after one month, canceled if you leave the guild while you have a gift waiting to be redeemed.