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Status Effect: Confusion[]

Confusion is a new type of status effect, first introduced with the Pouvoir Flag. A walker hit by the Flag has a 50% chance of getting confused - this chance is boosted by lucky so can at best be around 80% (at 50% * (1 + 60% lucky)). Note that only the Flag's normal attack can confuse walkers, the charge attack can not cause confusion. It's also not possible to cause confusion on an overwatch attack.

No walker is resistant against confusion, so special walkers like Spikeys and Tanks can also be confused. Note that Commonwealth Walkers do have status resistance against confusion based on their health, so it's not possible to confuse a full health CW walker.

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The Basic Behavior[]

A confused walker will get a purple sign on it, indicating that it is confused. If it can reach another walker with its normal move, the furthest away walker will be indicated the target, getting a red sign above it. Note that the distance measuring is fiddly, and walkers will often select either a target which isn't the farthest away, or sometimes mark a walker further away than its range (for example 3 tiles directly to the side). It also happens that a confused walker won't select any target, even if there is one in range.

On the walker turn, the confused walkers will move towards its indicated target and attack it. The target will stand still and do nothing. Note that if there are many confused walkers and targets it is not always possible to know who targeted who (apart from deducting based on walker positions).

In the picture below two walkers have gotten confused, and both have selected the Metalhead as its target:

Confused target

If there is no walker within range, no target will be selected and the confused walker will instead stand still and not attack anyone, as can be seen in the picture below:

Confused notarget

Note that the above behavior also works if either the confused walker or its target is killed. In both cases the remaining walker will stand still and do nothing.

Note also that confused walkers will now be on your team for a turn, so it can't not pass through other walkers. If the target walker is behind a wall of other walkers the confused walker will have to make a detour, often in the direction of your survivors!

Special considerations[]

  • Confused is the highest priority of all status effects, so higher than crippled, herded, rooted and stunned so confused walkers can not be inflicted with lower ranked status effects.
    • Confused walkers will not be overwatched (similarly to how herded walkers aren't overwatched), but even if they get caught in the crossfire of an overwatch attack they can't be crippled, rooted or stunned so they will often still be able to do their full move and attack their target.
    • A stunned walker can get confused and will in this case be released of its stunned status
    • This also means that a confused walker is able to move normally inside Magna's Pitfalls, and will be released of its rooting status.
  • A confused walker can, however, only move 1 step inside Tyreese's circles.
  • A confused walker can not be pushed
  • A confused Spiked walker will cause bleeding on a walker it attacks, similarly walkers will suffer fire damage if attacking a burning target
  • A confused walker can not be both the target confused. That is, if a walker designated as a target is confused by a new attack, the confused walker having that walker as its target will now be without a target and will do nothing.
  • Human opponents can not get confused