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A lot of strategies and tips will talk about using SMY (or SPY/PMY). This is using a combination of the heroes Sasha, Mercer, Princess and Yumiko, who together form a formidable team. This team starts to shine when hits on walkers are guaranteed bodyshots (at walkers ASL +5).

Functionality of the Heroes[]

  • Sasha
    • Sasha's leadertrait allows for bodyshot hits to generate charge points. This is especially useful for assaults, who easily can hit a large number of walkers. Combined with the extra shot from Yumiko this means that assaults reliably can get charged every turn.
    • Note that Sasha needs to be in the leader position.
  • Princess:
    • She generates Chargepoints, when she hits Walkers with status effects. This means she is even more certain to get charged, as she can get charged from burning walkers (set on fire by Yumiko), by walkers she stunned the previous rounds, or by walkers crippled or rooted by Mercer.
    • Princesse's LT has a slightly lower percentage to get charged compared to Sasha and as mentioned additionally requires a status effect to be present already on the walker, so using Princess as the team leader is less reliable than using Sasha, but can be very effective especially when Princess and Mercer have a large number of pink stars.
    • With Sasha in lead, and Sasha & Yumiko using a incendiary weapon even a low pink star Princess can get reliably charged every turn.
  • Yumiko
    • She has the Leadertrait, that all other Survivors will also Shoot, when she shoots. The Target has to be in Range of the other Survivors.
    • With Sasha or Princess Lead the Survivor could get charged from this and could use the Chargeattack in the same Turn
  • Mercer
    • Mercer's LT (Men At Arms) is especially at higher levels extremely effective at killing high level walkers, as its damage is a percentage of the walker's health, so the higher the walker's health, the higher the damage.
    • Combined with Carol's Cookies Mercer can kill even the toughest walkers very quickly. This is especially good on the Nightmare levels in the Challenge.
    • Mercer's LT has the effect of often leaving walkers almost dead, with just a few HP remaining. Getting them on fire is essential to get them killed quickly.

Recommended Gear[]

  • All heroes should have primed armor, as that gives another opportunity during the walker turn of getting charged and setting walkers on fire and damaging them. Also always try to not stun all walkers, as no moving walkers mean no chance for primed to activate.
  • Sasha can use the incendiary and crippling Harrier, the Harpoon (preferably the crippling version), or Dale's Rifle with Interrupt, depending on the situation and what gear you have.
  • Mercer and Princess can use the Decimator, the CAR, the Bulldozer or the RAR, depending on situation and what you have available
  • Yumiko should use a long range incendiary weapon, preferably the Savior Handgun, or if you don't have that, a shorter range incendiary & crippling pistol, or a flare gun.

Advantages/Disadvantages for SMY/PMY/SPY[]

  • SPY:
    • + Very Good Charging
    • - In the Endgame not so strong because Mercer's Leadertrait is missing
  • SMY
    • + Very Strong, good Charging
    • + Works also against Commonwealth Walkers
    • - Not as good Charging as SPY. If you find yourself not getting charged enough, consider using SPY instead.
  • PMY:
    • + Two Charged Assaults Possible allowing crowd control in two different directions
    • - Charging could be difficult with Commonwealth Walkers.

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