The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

This page lists the known bugs in the game at the moment (as of the 6.6 update).

Not Able to Leave Guild Bug[]

  • Some guilds with no active members will have no leader in the guild at all. If a player joins such a guild, he/she can't leave it as the game will not let players leave until a leader is desginated - but the new player is not able to do that, meaning it's not possible to leave the guild. It is possible that a leader will eventually be auto-designated by the game, but currently it is not recommended to join any random guild, especially if it has a very low member amount.

The Endless Loop Bug (especially on Last Stand)[]

  • This bug can happen in any game mode, but seems to happen particularly much on Last Stand, if you have Connie as the leader and she dies. If you close the game, it can get stuck into a loop on infinitely reloading, when trying to later launch the game.
  • It is possible to get out of the loop by very quickly clicking Flee and then Confirm during the small amount of time that the game is launched, but you need to be very quick before the next loading loop starts.
  • If this doesn't work, you need to contact Jeroen on the Discord server or customer support to get you out of the game mode.

Tactical / Swift Strike Bug[]

  • Several leader traits and weapons give a free extra quick move if some condition is fulfilled. Similarly, the tactical trait gives a extra quick move if your first action is an attack.
  • Many of these will not work if you use a bonus charge attack

Pretaliating a Buddy's Walker[]

  • Ezekiel (or any hero if he's in lead) can sometimes pretaliate the wrong target. This happens especially if one of the team members is standing next to a rooted target, and this walker will attack its target before anyone else. In this case Ezekiel might pretaliate that walker, instead of the one attack himself.

Pretaliate and Gore/Mike[]

  • If a team member is using Gore, Ezekiel can pretaliate a walker next to the gored hero, instead of the one attacking himself.

Tyreese's Circles[]

  • While most circle bugs are fixed, it can happen from time to time, especially with fast walkers, that they are able to move several steps through a circle. This happens especially if they end up being overwatch attacked by a melee hero.

Magna's Pitfalls[]

  • If you push a walker out of a pitfall, the rooted icon will not disappear, but the walker is now free to move AND resistant to rooting. This means it can move freely and pass trough the pitfall without getting stuck. Weapons relying on ensnare to interrupt such a walker will not be able to interrupt the walker.
  • Magna can also pull walkers though walls into the pitfalls

Rick's Heirloom[]

  • At maximum lvl 15 the Heirloom should activate also at full strength walkers, but if using Guardian Carol in lead the "grim reaper" will not activate on a double charge attack. It will activate on a double normal attack and the charge also if the target is already damaged.


  • If you attack a human enemy so that its first health bar is exhausted AND put it on fire at the same time, it will die either from the next attack or when fire damage is applied at the start of its own turn

Push Bug[]

  • Sometimes on overwatch, push weapons will cause the walker to end up in a different tile than where the game visually shows that it is
  • Note that the tracking will work correctly, so you can still target the walker by selecting the tile it actually is on
  • The issue can be fixed by a hard restart of the game, it will also fix itself on the walker movement turn

GW Bugs[]

  • It sometimes happens that you (usually due to bad network reception) get kicked out of a mission or finish a mission, without the game registering that you actually left the mission. This means that the blue dot is showing you playing the mission, while being on the main screen yourself. Sometimes this is fixed by itself by simply waiting for the game to reconnect and fix the problem, sometimes nothing helps and you or someone else needs to redo the mission and you end up losing a sword.
  • It is also possible that a mission that was already finished (and marked as finished) becomes unfinished again. This is basically the same problem as the blue dot bug mentioned above, but can only be solved by support. Send in a ticket and hope for the best! NOTE! In no case should you replay the mission, as that guarantees that the sword is lost.
  • Some missions on some devices causes the game to crash time after time
  • In some rare cases, missions that were finished will become unfinished, and it can even be that Island C is finished and suddenly Island A or B becomes unfinished
  • In all cases it is recommended to quickly contact in-game support with as much detail as possible in order to possibly get the lost sword back
  • Sometimes some of the missions will not be available, and instead of the normal shield-like icon for a mission there will just be a empty spot in its place. Doing a hard restart of the game will usually restore the missions.
  • The Spectator bug. When watching the battle unfold as a spectator, it might show missions as unfinished even though they really are finished. Check with a player playing that day if something looks off.
  • If you have been removed from the battle by a guild leader or co-leader you will get a popup informing you of that. The only way to get rid of the popup is to go the GW signup page. However, this page is not available during GW breaks, so it can happen that you keep getting the popuo without any means to get rid of it. In this case the only option is to leave (and then rejoin) your guild, or simply wait until a new GW signup is available.

Other smaller bugs[]

  • The Nail Gun' shot (shooter weapon) will be blocked by Metalheads, even though all other shooter weapons can shoot at targets behind a Metalhead.
  • "Killing" a explosive barrel awards charge points
  • XP is usually awarded only for the first 100 kills in a mission, and any kill after that will give only 1 XP. This appears to be the case also in Last Stand, with a "1 XP" popping up on walkers killed after the first 100, but in reality XP are being awarded for all kills. This means that on weeks where you can get really far you can fill up the XP bar with a single Last Stand run.
  • Some Season missions will not be counted for "Complete X missions with the hero Y" type of daily quests. Try another season mission instead. Also, Outlaw Negan is in this respect considered a separate hero from bruiser Negan and will never count for missions where the objective is "Negan".
  • Razor increases damage by 4%
  • Sometimes at the start of a mission warriors and bruisers can get the move of a scout
  • Badges are in many cases displayed with the incorrect values
  • If a team member is hit, other team members with the Revenge trait should shoot against the attacker. If the attacker, however, is outside the revenger's range, it can instead shoot at another opponent that is in range.
  • Hwacha requires that you start dragging to the target cell by clicking on an empty cell next to the survivor. If no empty cells are available (due to being surrounded by walkers), Hwacha can not be used.
  • Note that a Hwacha attack can be dodged with the Bullet Dodge trait, but it's not possible to dodge the ignition.
  • Walkers already next to a survivor might sometimes make a one-step move before making its attack (this might be by design but happens so rarely players experience it as a bug).
  • The week before a new update is launched some players will usually participate in a play test. These players will already by on the new version, and trying to attack such a player's outpost will result in the game crashing. Select another opponent and try again.
  • Sometimes the portraits of all survivors will be replaced by a default survivor portrait. This can be fixed with a game restart, or sometimes the cache needs to be cleared.
  • Sometimes, the wrong weapon will be displayed when opening the survivor screen (for example a scout holding a assault weapon).This is a pure display glitch.
  • Sometimes, when throwing a grenade, the animation will "stick" and the character will be shown using the grenade animation every time it makes an attack. This is purely a visual bug and can be fixed with a restart.
  • Whisperers (not existing in any missions in the current meta), had some features some consider bugs:
    • If you use a stunning attack (for example an Assault's charge attack) on an undiscovered whisperer, it will be revealed but not stunned
    • Any attack revealing a whisperer will not damage the whisperer

Leader Trait Bugs[]

  • Michonne's LT has several bugs:
    • Charge attack negates her LT swift strike ability
    • Michonne's LT Threat Reduction is not affected by lucky
    • Assaults (and maybe other ranged as well) can get another attack if they kill a target with their main attack
  • If Guardian Carol shoots a human opponent in GW PvP, and it dodges the attack, she will never use her second shot.
  • If Fighter Rosita is the leader, her LT overrides other movement boosts, so a survivor that uses a bonus charge attack will only be able to do half a move (instead of the normal full move).
  • If using Fighter Rosita in lead, survivors with 2-range weapons can get unlimited attacks
  • If Quinn is the leader, Shane can one-shot any walker on the normal attack when using the Wrecker Shotgun, as long as Closing Time activates.
  • Jadis LT's charge attack will mark the target with an A, and if stunned will be woken from its stunned status. Walkers or humans marked A can attack but not move (they basically are rooted).
  • If Beta (or anyone, if he's the leader), equipped with a Morning Star, does a long move to hit the last walker in a row of at least 3 walkers, the first walker in the line could both be herded and stunned (from the push effect). This can cause an infinite loop of the text "herded" showing above Beta. The only way to resolve this loop is to restart the game. The bug can also happen if using the Riot Shield's charge attack.

Fixed bugs[]

Tyreese Circles Bug

AI Overwatch not Working

  • This is a new bug introduced in update 6.6. Any AI humans will never overwatch, regardless of overwatch status or Primed activation.
  • Revenge/Retaliate will still work as normal.
  • This was fixed in update 6.8