The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Video Description[]

Programm Download[]

Manual Guild War Planner[]

Creating Players[]

  • Enter Playername
  • Enter Players currenct Hero Level
  • Enter Players manageable Walker Strength
  • Options for Plays early (single finish) or late (late Player), Player Stacks Spares
  • Option Player plays all missions, just walker missions just PvP missions

Automatic Planning[]

  • select Players from the left Listbox and switch them to the right Listbox
    Player selection
  • save your settings if you have fixed teams
  • options avaible: No Sanctuary maps, Seperate Kill All Walker Maps (Player Strength + 10 could manage this maps also)
  • optimize creates a field assigned plan
Guild War Plan
  • switch fields per "Drag and Drop" function

Manual Planning[]

  • select your Islands or Sectors on the Right side (Players will assigned linear to have the same cound of spares at the end)
  • drop sectors with the red cross
  • save the plan with the option "Save Plan" and reload it later with "Load Plan"