The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Scavenge is a mission type where you can grind for XP, Supplies or Equipment.

  • There is a normal mode and a hard mode, with hard mode having walkers of difficulty +3 compared to Normal mode but giving better rewards
  • Scavenge missions gas cost scale with the Council level and eventually will cost a maximum of 5 gas

Scavenge can be useful especially on certain events (for example on Tomato Monday events Supplies will be doubled, or when running on a X2 XP booster). Combined with a gas booster it can be the fastest way to farm for XP or Supplies.

It can be a good idea to use the Governor (improved chest rewards) and/or Hunter Maggie and Pizza Guy Glenn to further improve the rewards. Wearing Training Gear armor is also a good idea.

Scavenge difficulty level[]

  • The Scavenge difficulty level is based on the highest level survivor in your roster (one only so not average of 3 like in some other modes). The levels of the team actually entering the mission doesn't matter.
  • Normal difficulty is Level of Hero - 1 + pink stars increase.
    • 1 pink star increases difficulty by 1
    • 2-3 pink stars increases difficulty by 2
    • 4 pink stars increases difficulty by 3
    • 5 pink stars increases difficulty by 4
  • Hard difficulty is +3 levels compared to normal

For example: Your highest levels Heroes are level 30 and you have 5 pink stars. Difficulty on Normal will be 30 - 1 + 4 = 33 and Hard 36.

Note that for beginning players with no survivor over lvl 10 the difficulty is slightly different and the difficulty level can be higher than according to the above formula.