The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

Bundles Shops[]

Ui Icon Gift

The Bundle Shop offers sets of resources, materials, resources, and equipment in exchange for real money. Usually, the packages shown there restart every day. However, there are cases where the same bundle can stay longer.

There are several bundle offers in the game, but there are packages that are only offered during a special event period (Ex: Black Friday, Easter, Girl Power, etc.), these packages are considered “Limited Offers”. There are also bundles where buying one unlocks another and better bundles (that is, it offers more features for the same price).

The Bundle Shop is considered to be the most accessible source of special weapons in the game, as you can get them instantly just by making a purchase.

The Trade Fair Shop[]

The Trade Fair shop is has similar items as the Bundle Shop, but instead of the bundles having a cash price, each bundle costs a certain amount of Trade Fair coins, and Trade Fair coins can be purchased with real money. You get a discount when purchasing Trade Fair coins compared to buying a bundle directly with cash, especially if you buy a large amount of Trade Fair coins. The idea here of course being that spending Trade Fair coins might not psychologically feel like spending money, so the game developer in this way hopes you would spend more than you would if each time having to confirm real money usage. Also, it's almost impossible to use up exactly all Trade Fair coins. Trade Fair coins can be purchased from the Web Shop.

It does always make sense to compare the Trade Fair and normal Bundle shop prices before making a purchase.

The Web Shop[]

The Web Shop is a shop on the web, located outside the actual game. If you log in to the web shop via the links in the game, you will be automatically logged in with your game credentials. It is also possible to log in to it from another device, but then you need to link your account using the function in the game settings.

The Web Shop sells Trade Fair coins, the Survival Pass and Resources. Prices on the web shop are discounted compared to in-game (as Deca doesn't have to pay the Apple/Google store royalties), but the actual discount will vary a lot depending on your global location. The web shop has fixed prices in USD, while the in-game shop will have prices in local currencies including VAT and with prices adjusted for purchasing power. This means that players in the Euro area will see prices around 20-25% cheaper in the web shop compared to in-game, while players in Asia might even see higher prices.

It is also worth mentioning that you need to insert a US postal code when making your first purchase.

Resources Shops[]

Ui Icon ShopTab Currencies

The Resources Shop provides fixed amounts of Resources and Bonuses for a fixed price, unaffected by promotions.

Trade Goods Shop[]

Ui Icon ShopTab TradeGood

The Trade Goods Shop offers crates, tools, weapons, gas, etc. in exchange for mostly Trade Goods. Being one of the most active Shops in the game, this shop restocks every 7 hours, offering you some free reward in each of them. Every Monday, she also gives you 2 Grenades and 2 Med kits for free.

Black Market[]

Ui Icon ShopTab BlackMarket

The Black Market differs from any other store in the game. It features 3 random heroes, each arriving at a different time of day and staying for 24 hours. Each hero offers different items and resources to trade and also wants different items/resources in return.

While any hero can appear in your Black Market, having that hero upgraded to certain star levels will open up more trade options.

All trades made on the Black Market will earn you Black Market Tokens, which can be traded for additional items.

Players can upgrade their visiting heroes to new ones in trade for gold or watching ads. You cannot refresh to any of the last 10 heroes that visited you.

Black Market General
Black Market 1000 Gold
Black Market 5K BMT
Black Market Armors

Components Shops[]

Ui Icon ShopTab Component

The Components Shop offers Material Packs in exchange for Gold. In special events related to badges, more offers appear, granting legendary materials.

Guild Shop[]

The Guild Shop is the only shop that is separate from the other shop. This Store offers unique rewards in trade for Reward Points, which can only be earned by playing Guild Wars. As the Guild advances his Tier during the game, new offers are unlocked. This shop can be found under the “Guild” tab.