The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Wiki

A hybrid between an 'item' and an ability—these units provide active abilities for use in combat. Players can equip up to 3 support characters for combat, one per survivor.

One support ability can be used per turn and requires your linked survivor to have at least half an action point available to use. The ability's range, damage, and visibility depend on the linked survivor.

In any regular mission, each Support's ability can only be used once, while in Last Stand, they will have cooldowns that will decrease as you level them up.

Support Values (after update 6.8)[]


The supports Dog and Whisperers Mask were buffed for levels 3-5 in the 6.8 update (April 2024).

Support Descriptions[]

Carol's Cookies[]

Get +{0}% total damage for normal attacks and +{1}% for charge attacks of the user for the next {2} turns.

This damage will be added at the end of all calculations (but before Damage Reduction). (Damage + Extra Damage) * (1 + Carol's Cookies buff Percentage).

How to use Carol's Cookies

Carol's Cookies are used best with a survivor doing a lot of damage, as Cookies multiplies that damage. Most notably, it boosts Mercer's damage, as it also multiplies Men-At-Arms.

Commonwealth Armor[]

For {0} turns, it gives you full status effect, struggle and critical hit resistance, as well as a {1}% chance of gaining a charge point when hit by an attack.

How to use Commonwealth Armor

Commonwealth armor is considered one of the least useful supports. In theory, it could be used to protect against a Spiked Walker's instakill, but in practice it's hard to predict that and activate the support at the correct time. Some people use it in GW PVP missions to protect against Critical Aim attacks by the defending humans.


Inflicts Crippled status effect on {0} closest visible walker(s) for {1} turn(s).

How to use Dog

There are now many good cripple weapons, which has decreased the usefulness of Dog. One niche use is in GW PVP, since humans crippled by Dog lose their overwatch ability.


Fires arrows at {0} random enemies in an area, damaging enemies for {1}% of survivor's total damage and with a {2}% chance of setting the enemies on fire. Minimum range {3} spaces away.

How to use Hwacha

Hwacha is rarely used, since the damage and chance of igniting the enemy is low. Some players use Hwacha in GW PVP to damage and perhaps ignite the human enemies. It can also be used in Last Stand, especially if you use a stun wall tactic, to set walkers further away on fire.

Rainbow Cat[]

Upon activation, gives you {0} charge points and a {1}% chance to give one of your allies a charge point as well.

How to use Cat

The use of Cat is obvious, to get one charge point to become fully charged.


Damages all visible enemy characters on the map for {0}% of their total Health and {1}% of your Weapon Damage.

How to use Shiva

Shiva, like Hwacha, does limited damage and is therefore used only in specific instances. It can be used in Last Stand as it will damage numerous walkers. One niche use is also that all walkers damaged by Shiva will become aggressive, which can be useful, for example on some “Kill the Tough Walker”- types of missions, to make sure that the target wandering walker will not move away but instead move into target range.

Walker Mike[]

After using this ability, the survivor can run past walkers without being attacked. Additionally, walkers will ignore the survivor during the next enemy turn. Applies to the closest {0} other survivors within a {1} space radius.

How to use Mike

Mike is one of the best supports (together with Carol's Cookies) as you become completely invisible to all walkers (but not humans). With Mike level 2 you can get two survivors being protected by Mike.

Whisperer's Mask[]

Herds {0} random walkers in the targeted area. The targeted area can be up to {1} spaces away.

How to use a Mask

With Mask, you can herd some walkers, protecting you from their attacks. Mask can be useful on stun wall tactics to lure walkers next to you.