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By clicking on a character on the Survivor Selection screen, you can learn information about the specific survivor. Here, I would like to expound information about each point in this information.

Survivor Level[]

The survivor's level sets the difficulty of most missions in the game. Currently, it is only possible to upgrade the survivor's level up to level 29. A character's level influences the difficulty of missions, body shot chances and the level of weapons in the shop.


In this part, the weapons of the survivors are defined. The number that appears on top of each is a calculation that the game provides on the survivors' damage.

The current damage calculation is defined by the following:

((Class Base Damage × (1 + Normal Star Modifier + Pink Star Modifier + Hero Bonus Modifier)) + Weapon’s Damage + Flat Damage Badges) × (1 + Weapon/Survivor Damage Traits Percentage) × (1 + Damage Badges Percentage)

In “Weapon/Survivor Damage Traits Percentage”, all the percentages of the Traits that the survivor has been affected are added, including Marksman/Strong, Lethal and Hero Traits (if he is a hero or is being influenced by a Leader Trait).


In this part, the armors of the survivors are defined. The number that appears on top of each is a calculation that the game provides on the survivor's health.

The current calculation of the survivor's health is defined by the following:

(Class Base Health × (1 + Normal Star Modifier + Pink Star Modifier + Hero Bonus Modifier) + Armor’s Health) × (1 + Armor/Survivor Health Traits Percentage) × (1 + Health Badge Percentage) + Flat Health Badges


In this part, the character's stars are shown. The stars define the rarity and strength of the survivor: the more stars, the stronger the survivors.

There is a separation of survivors based on the number of stars they have:

  • Common Survivors are survivors who have 1 star.
  • Uncommon Survivors are survivors who have 2 stars.
  • Rare Survivors are survivors that have 3 stars.
  • Epic Survivors are survivors that have 4 stars.
  • Legendary Survivors are survivors who have 5+ stars.

The stars interfere with the damage and health of the characters (See “Weapons” and “Health” on this page), the chance of body shots and the difficulty level of the missions.

There are also Pink Stars, acquired after reaching 5 stars. They also interfere with all the things normal stars interfere with, but on a smaller scale. To get more stars, you need to level up all talents first using Tokens.


Character traits are extra abilities each survivor can have that increase or unlock a skill for that survivor. A common survivor only has 1 trait, and as he gets more stars, another trait is unlocked. A character can have up to 5 traits (you need to raise the survivor to 5 stars to have all 5 traits).

It is necessary to improve each of the character's traits to earn stars. Improving traits increases its stats.

Hero Survivors have a unique trait, which can be distributed to your entire team if it is placed as the leader of the mission.


Badges are materials that greatly boost the trait of your survivors. As Badges have complex mechanics, I created an exclusive page for them. Click here to be taken to the Badges page.

Hidden Information: Critical Chance, Critical Damage and Damage Reduction[]

Although not shown on the Character Info Screen, there are other factors that survivors have that are essential to the game. They are: Critical Chance, Critical Damage and Damage Reduction.

Critical Chance[]

Critical Chance is the chance you get a critical hit from an attack that wasn't body shot. This means that Critical Chance does not work on attacks that result in body shot.

The Critical Chance formula is:

(Class base CC + Traits CC Percentage + CC Badge Percentage) × (1 + Lucky's Percentage)

The Class's base Critical Chance Percentage is all 10% except Warriors, who have 20% Critical Chance.

Critical Damage[]

Critical Damage is the damage dealt when you perform a critical hit.

 The formula for Critical damage is:

Survivor’s damage × (Class Base Critical Damage + Critical Damage Traits Buffs + Critical Damage Badges).

Class Base Critical Damage is 50% for Hunter, Warrior, Scout, and Shooter and 25% for Assault and Bruiser

Remembering that Charged Attacks can cause additional damage compared to a normal critical attack.

Damage Reduction[]

Damage Reduction is a game mechanic who reduces the damage you take in missions. Naturally, a Survivor does not have Damage Reduction initially.

The Damage Reduction formula is:

Traits DR Percentage + DR Badges Percentage

Tables with Class and Hero Base Values[]

Base Damage Health Class
Base Damage Health Hero